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How to Talk to Men

Communication builds bridges of understanding between men and women. We all know how it feels when we reach deep connections with members of the opposite sex. Harmonious relationships yield peace, prosperity and passion for women that take the time to learn the language of love.

Too often communication breaks down, leaving both men and women frustrated and angry. We have all been hurt by the words and actions of the other sex. When harsh words separate us from the very people we need, marriages break down, careers stall, and families lose vitality.


Mia SageMia Sagejust turned 29. But her accomplishments are already on par with highly experienced businesswomen worldwide. After a successful modeling career in New York and Berlin, Mia moved to Ibiza to live her dream. Since her arrival here she created Miamar Productions, the parent company for Sage University and the How to Talk to Men Network. Her ventures offer the finest coaching, training and inspiration available for entrepreneurs, and for the people who coach them.
Mia deeply loves women and sincerely wants to make their lives better by showing them how to earn a living, while honoring their feminine nature. She will show you how to maintain the feminine mystique while following the codes and procedures in the paint-by-number game of business. As her client, you will quickly pick up her enthusiasm and high ethical standards.
When you receive coaching or training from Mia, you will return to your life and your career with a whole new direction for expanding your business–and with more fun and less effort. Mia Sage is part of the new generation of professional coaches and trainers dedicated to improving communication between men and women in all walks of life.

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mia sage, talking to men and much more fun, december 16, 2013

'Mia Sage – How to Talk to Men: Building Bridges of Communication Between Men and Women – December 16, 2013' have 2 comments

  1. December 17, 2013 @ 2:40 pm Dan

    Aunt Patti states he is from Jupiter and is Stupider once again in this interview.
    This is getting Old and you could listen to Mia in this interview that she does not like when women talk bad about men….Why are you talking bad about men Patrick?
    Patrick states that Men don’t Get it. That Men are Dumb. That only women have intuition.
    That women are making all the changes.

    Reverse Sexism is not right either.
    It may be politically correct to put Men down and Women up, but Wrong.
    It’s actually exactly what the Bankers created and want.


    MIA is Awesome!

    A Beautiful and Intelligent Woman!

    Hope she is Interviewed here again!



  2. December 20, 2013 @ 11:44 am Ape

    Aunt Patty is from Jupiter! Seriously Patrick, speak for yourself.

    Mia is the best female guest (along with Annie Jubb) ever interviewed on this show ~ please have her back!


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