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Anthony Anderson

Founder of Grow Paradise

The mission of Grow Paradise is to promote the idea of creating paradise landscapes for ourselves and our communities.

It is about designing a lifestyle that promotes health, abundance, and freedom.

By designing our daily living spaces, we are participating in conscious habitat design. Healthy food in abundance should be a birthright. When we create edible landscapes, we get one step closer to a deeper sense of personal freedom and security.

The idea of “Paradise Creation”can be applied to every facet of our lives. From landscapes filled with fruit trees, to our day-to-day interactions with others. Envision a world of decentralized eco-villages blanketed in food forests, and we are very aware that living with such abundance frees us to finally pursue our deeper passions in life.

Anthony Anderson founded Grow Paradise as a way to communicate his vision of a better world through planting fruit trees and “permaculture”. Permaculture is a holistic landscape design science that works with the natural world to create an environment that supports health and abundance on every level.

At its core, Grow Paradise is about knowing that we have the potential to create immensely healing and peaceful surroundings to live, work, and play in. As human beings, we are extremely powerful creators, and by working together with nature again, we can quickly manifest a world where all of us are extremely wealthy and deeply fulfilled far beyond material riches.


Show Highlights:

-Growing paradise on earth. Create your own Garden of Eden.

-Check out YouTube video: The Man Who Planted Trees. Man can be as powerful in forces of good as in forces of evil.

-What are closed canopy food forests?

-Applying mulch as a blanket for growing on poor soil.

-Read The Holistic Orchard, book by Michael Phillips, for foliar spraying info.

-Bird songs open up stomata of plants – good time for feeding plants.

-What do his Grow-Paradise Hawaiian Eco-Adventure Retreats offer? Next retreat: Sept.10-17, 2016.

-Hawaiian “hands on” approach to sustainability. “The land is perpetuated in the righteousness of the people.”

-Planting and paradise creation as an antidote to the world angst.

-Permaculture Resources. YouTube videos: Sepp Holzer, Geoff Lawton, Paul Wheaton and rocket mass heaters.

-Opuntina robusta prickly pear – good juice source.

-Changing our surroundings as a vehicle to balancing emotions.

-Sustainability of veggie beds vs. food forest.

and so much more!

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anthony anderson building a paradise now where you are, august 9, 2016

'Anthony Anderson – Paradise on Earth: Creating Your Own Abundant Garden of Eden – August 9, 2016' have 2 comments

  1. August 11, 2016 @ 8:46 am NuNativs

    FINALLY! Someone who can think! Wow this could have been me in the interview though I think WE should all be semi-nomadic and give up land “ownership” in general and work collectively on planting food forests worldwide. Of course WE can’t all go to the tropics so in North America for instance WE would encourage seasonal migration following the pattern of the RV Snowbirds. OUR camping areas would be where WE would concentrate OUR Permaculture efforts. But I digress, it’s just great knowing that someone else has ideas like this!


  2. August 20, 2016 @ 11:49 pm john oneill

    thank you so much, we gratefully appreciate you , sending blessings from Fruit forests & Forest gardens for healing & health


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