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Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646

The Real World of Money Reworked

Show Highlights:

-How can a country sustain their economic growth?

-Andrew’s prediction about Glencore has come to pass; Glencore needs money now and their plans my not be in their best interest; how did they get themselves into this?

-Patrick and Andrew have a good laugh talking about Ben Bernacke’s new book The Courage to Act

-Andrew tells the story of Ezra Pound, the voice of the original Real World of Money, back in the day. Funny how he ended up in a mental institution. Are we surprised?

-Comment from a listener:The fascist model in Italy allowed Italy to coast through the Great Depression that engulfed the rest of the world. Mussolini was an ex Stalinist while working for British intelligence (oxymoron) Ezra Pound knew what he was talking about. God bless his soul. Under Mussolini the government ran the corporations. In America the corporations run the government.

-A listener calls in to say Andrew needs to be Treasury Secretary for Donald Trump

-The owners of Fox news are the #9 contributor to Hilary Clinton’s campaign

-Andy substantiates his statements that Martin Armstrong is as correct as a broken watch

-Andrew warns against buying depreciating assets

-Question from a listener:Depending on the source, FDR can be painted as one who opposed the FED or one who worked side by side with the FED.Based on both of your readings and research, which side of the FED fence do you feel FDR stood (no pun intended).

-A listener asks:An email-questioner asked what Andy will do when silver reaches $50, $100, $200 and $400 heights and he gave the analogy that you’ll simply head to the local shop where a cup of coffee will also reach in excess of $20 (keeping up with massive inflation).

If all goods such as coffee/silver will react to this massive inflation, won’t salaries and wages also have to keep up with this massive inflation? There maybe some lag with QE spikes, but will salaries not also have to reflect QE spikes?

-Did FDR declare America “bankrupt” in 1933? What does mean to Andy?Was that the beginning of the national debt?

-Question from a listener: There’s a picture of a 1kg bar of gold in the paper today which can be bought from the royal mint. Does Andrew think these recent gold stories in the press are a sign that its going to be taken up?

-Andy offers his opinion on crowd funded investment property

-A listener wants to knowAndrew’s thoughts about the legend of the 1964 Peace Dollars?
Does Andy think that any exist, and if so, does he have any idea where, or who owns them?

The story of the 1964 Peace Dollars is similar to that of the 1933 double eagles. They were produced, then the government ordered that they be melted. Supposedly a couple of them were stolen and still exist somewhere.

-According to a recent Reuters Business News article:

“India will soon launch a sovereign gold bond and a scheme to mobilize tonnes of the metal stored in households, the finance minister said, a move that mainly seeks to wean investors away from physical gold and cut massive imports.”It would seem unlikely the people would be enticed to trade their individual hoard of wealth for the currency they are trying to avoid.Could this government offer be the initial step before an all-out confiscation by India’s Government?

-A listener asks:Could Andy do a brief outline of how the US would be different if the FED was a part of the US treasury? How it would affect everyday folks?I often want to speak to this point with my acquaintances but don’t feel that I have all the salient points in hand.

and so much more!!!!

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andy gause and the real world of money, october 7, 2015, hour one

'Andrew Gause and The Real World of Money – If a Government Is Stupid Enough to Relinquish It’s Gold, It’s Up to the Citizens to Seize It – October 7, 2015' has 1 comment

  1. October 8, 2015 @ 5:00 pm Matt

    A link of thorough Clinton/Arkansas info I like to pass around:
    I’d like to think if Clinton lovers read this, they would change their tune. But, being the Clinton lovers that they are, some nuts are just harder to crack than others.


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