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Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He?™s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you?™ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646

Show Highlights:

-“Sometimes you have to face the lion.” In the financial world, the lion is that there is no backing for our dollar. When Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, the substance of what a dollar was was taken away. The dollar was worth $41.22 per ounce of gold in 1971, lost half its value in 3 years, another third in 3 more years.

-Andy is not a collapsitarian, but agrees there is a risk of collapse, especially for those who save their money and pay off their debts.

-Point of injection where money enters the system makes a difference. Whoever spends the money first gets the best use out of it. A lot of debt can be monetized and wreak havoc on the dollar.

-You don’t really own your house, even if you’ve paid off the mortgage. See what happens when you don’t pay your taxes. If you don’t pay interest, you’ll be paying taxes.

-With internet economy, need for brick and mortar space is lessening, need for warehouse space increasing.

-Swiss have always understood what money is. Gold is money, everything else is debt. When people pay for Swiss francs with Euros, the Swiss aren’t parking those euros, they’re spreading them around.

-Western countries operate in unison and map their activities so you can’t discern that their currencies are continuing to be diluted.

-Entanglement of dollars and war rises above politics. Whoever gets to print the money is the real power in a society.

-Congress can only issue an interest-bearing bond, bill, or note. The Fed creates paper money to represent the bond, and then hands it over to Congress to spend. It puts money into circulation. Citizens are paying the interest and the principal. We’ve given away the checks and balances that were in the Constitution that prevented our money from losing value.

-22 primary market makers such as Goldman Sachs, Chase, Bank of America, that get a first shot at anything Congress offers, and then they resell the bonds.

-First U.S. central bank dissolved after 2 years due to chicanery. Haym Solomon got a hold of a pile of money and funded the American revolution, along with Robert Morris, Superintendent of Finance. Without Solomon, would be no revolution. Aftermath of war financing led to the First Bank of the United States, created in 1792 with Alexander Hamilton’s support.

-Civil War provoked by agent provocateurs to foster dissension between the states, which helped the money boys. Andrew Jackson prevented an initial Civil War by allowing states to nullify tariff. Lincoln said fed was more important than states’ rights and went to war. Lots of owners, but ownership is not the same as control. Eustace Mullens pointed out the existence of interlocking directorships to achieve even more control of corporations.

-If everyone is brought in under the tent, they will cooperate to keep the system going.

Hour 2

-3 CDs available for free from Andy’s company. Call and say you’re a ORN listener.

-Puerto Rico is a protectorate, a division of District of Columbia. Their bonds were sold as tax free municipal bonds and guaranteed. Very popular bonds, many pension funds invested in them, but they became buried in debt through mismanagement and are now looking for a bailout. An illustration of why investment bank funds need to be separated from other banking functions, which they were until Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall.

-Record high stock prices, but insiders are selling stock today even in the face of a predicted tax cut. This action portends their belief that stock will be worth less in the time it takes to implement a tax cut. Not company specific, happening in all companies.

-Rebecca asks: Has Andy has heard of Minesh Bhindi and his Gold And Silver For Life? Is it a scam? Andy says you want to have physical possession of gold and silver, not a certificate.

-Listener comments on the ebb and flow of labor migration. Andy says expansion of workforce and legal immigration and integration into US culture is good, but not illegal entry.

-Two listeners ask about Karen Hudes and her exposure of the banking cartel. Beware of those who mix some truth in with mistruth. and  prove there is no Social Security trust fund. Dispersal of Treasury funds – 23% for SS, 12.9% for SS disability, 15% for Medicare. 76% of US revenue is spent on debt service, 24% for everything else. Funds for SS and SS disability were borrowed first in 1967, then borrowing amplified in 1986. Large 1986 increase in SS tax was meant to build a surplus, but that 3 trillion surplus is now actually an IOU from the Treasury to SS.

-Are all modern gold and silver coins ceremonial coins? Yes, they’re not legal tender. Are they a good investment?

-Trump fired FBI Director James Comey yesterday. Getting rid of a snake.

-Listener asks about coin counterfeiters. Andy says no chance if coin is NGC graded, which gives the buyer defense against fraud. PCGS had an issue, but they cleaned it up. If you don’t know the coin, know the dealer, buy graded coins. The real counterfeiting is going on in bullion coins. Numismatic coins are legal tender and counterfeiting is investigated by the U.S. Secret Service.

Hour 3

-Andy’s Websites: for info about numismatic coins from SDL. to get a financial education. Andrew Gause account at Facebook. Or pick up the phone and call 800-468-2646.

-Millenial debt curve goes straight up. Now Parent Plus loans for parents to borrow on student’s education when the student’s borrowing is maxed out. Is the return on investment for college expenses worth it?

-Warren Buffet – healthcare is a “tape worm” for the US. Healthcare costs used to be 6%, now 20% of economy, and we’re not any healthier. 80% of heroin users’ first exposure to an opoid drug was medically prescribed. Buffet didn’t think Bezos could succeed with Amazon, a missed opportunity. Free trader, doesn’t think tariffs are a good mechanism for controlling a domestic economy. No where reasonable to invest now? World is awash with excess liquidity.

-Paid managers don’t have their money on the line.

-Averaging back in when a company’s fortune is falling.

-Do driverless trucks present a threat to Burlington Northern?

-“Threat of global warming” – the problem part of a Hegelian dialectic. Solution: cut carbon, disincentivize by a tax, sell what you don’t use and make a profit. And then global warming becomes climate change, which is promoted as an accepted done deal.

-Andy had a PBS TV interview with Tony Brown in 1992-1993, was booked for Larry King but cancelled the day before. Did the big boys not want to hear Andy’s take about what was really going on? FDIC was already insolvent then.

-Senator Ernest Hollings “The best way to save Social Security is to stop looting it.” January 1998.

-Listener complains about not being able to buy a house in Minneapolis because of shortage of housing inventory. Same problem in east coast. The debacle of the housing crisis which was caused by mortgage backed securities is at the bottom.

Andrew Gause, Like all addicts, the money creators want only one thing, more, May 10, 2017 ONE

Andrew Gause, Like all addicts, the money creators want only one thing, more, May 10, 2017 TWO

Andrew Gause, Like all addicts, the money creators want only one thing, more, May 10, 2017 THREE

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  1. September 18, 2019 @ 7:35 pm 7towers

    I do miss Andy deeply. I also miss the questions you “Patrick” asked which were always key into understanding the complex workings of our current economy for which Andy studied with intensity. Andy’s interest was piqued as a boy noticing the coins given for his paper delivery suddenly didn’t sound the same ??? Huh wonder why.. From there Andy’s investigation brought us a much truer picture of economics , currencies , tariffs , and trade.
    Where these 4 facets come into play and the history of not only war but now in this year 2019 many other avenues used in leverage to uphold a game in play that few really know about because it isn’t taught..
    Do you know what the category of M3 stands for in the publicly published monetary account by the Fed?
    Why Is M3 no longer published material for the public to inquire about? Why was it taken out of the Fed’s data ?
    Thank you Andy for the education and because of you it’s ongoing ..


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