Questions from our listeners for Tony Pantalleresco for October 13, 2014

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-When doing the 7 different salt baths, do you have to empty the tub after each bath?

-We are getting many health benefits from using the organic sulfur and would like to get it in a larger quantity of 6 lbs for a better price. What is the best way to order? Thanks so much for all the great information we get from listening to you.

-Since the last time I spoke to you regarding my daughter, I put vitamin C in her juice and B12 with folic acid which I see a lot improvement, she retained a lot of words. Can I add B3 NAC to her juice to calm her?

-I put garlic, MSM, vodka in my vitamix like Tony shows on UTube. Other herbalists, who don’t use a high speed blender, let the mix sit for a month before straining to increase the potency of the extract. Would I gain that much more by waiting a week before straining? Why am I taking a tablespoon of this extract?

-Been using turpentine and enzymes per Tony’s instructions for the 2 lumps in my left armpit.Doing this for a month and a half. Lumps have come up to the surface like mosquito bites. Red and protruding.The past few weeks I have developed eczema on my left hand and close to the area I am treating w turpentine.Could this be the toxins trying to escape through the skin? Will the turpentine dissolve these lump eventually?Just trying to understand how the turpentine works? FYI- Never had any type of skin conditions before.

-You had Dr. Carolyn Dean on your show 7/15/2013. She talked about a supplement called REMAG. She said it saw so small that it was hard to see the particles of magnesium under a microscope . Is this what Tony Pan is calling nano particles ? If so, are we to avoid this stuff ?

-Wondering what the difference is between sodium thiosulfate and sodium thiophosphate? Is this the same thing? Are they interchangeable? I have been listening to Tony’s shows and writing it all down, but still confused on that point…

-A pediatrician friend of mine commented on the increasing number of children with high cholesterol (220 and above). I know that 220 is healthy for adults – does that apply to young children too? Is this all part of the statins propaganda?

-My daughter 38, has had swollen lymph nodes in her neck for a year. Internet suggests Hodgkins Lymphoma. I suggested iodine orally 4 drops, and applied topically, along with DMSO, to nodes. Any other info you can share?

-Trying to be thrifty and planning for the long haul I purchased a quart ofcollodial silver from Silver Biotics and realiized when I received it reading theside panel it said – Patented metallic nano-silver particle with thin multi-valent AG404 silver oxide coating. 10 ppm.Sure would like you take on this. And further is silver effective in the fight againstmajor viruses?

-Could you ask Mr. Tony Pantaleresco more details about his trisodiumphosphate+baking soda + water mouth rinse?
I made the mixture according to his recipe but there is a lot of powder staying on the bottom of the jar. Should I add more liquid until all the powder has dissolved?

How long time the mixture should be in the mouth and should I rinse my mouth with water afterwards (the mixture tastes quite strong…)?
It seems like there is some black stuff staying in the tongue after using this mouth rinse, is it toxins?

-What does Tony think of using Methuselah for dissolving biofilms?

-Caller John in Dallas said he felt like his kidneys were down toward his feet. Nutritionist guest John Von Sarbarcher said that after several days on the mini-beet protocol he felt his kidneys literally move up two inches. The tone of his internal organs had occurred. Here is the recent show:

I believe the show he mentioned his kidneys toning was from the July 2010 show linked at the bottom of the page.
-My husband has been complained of feeling cold in lower extremities from the knees down in winter or summer months with AC, he also complained of digestive issue and he is 45 with a lot of grey hair, but I love him dearly. Can Tony suggests anything.
-Tony recommended a certain mineral for the health and sustainability of plants.Have a number of plants that were taken indoors, North East ya know. Want to keep them at their peak if possible.


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