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Deb Tolman Ph.D – Taking the Guesswork Out of Gardening With a Keyhole Garden – January 15, 2013


Patrick Timpone

Deb Tolman, Ph.D

Keyhole Gardening

Small space for a garden?   This is for you

Debbie Tolman holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences/Resources and Geography from Portland State University. With over thirty years experience in academic research and landscape design, she also has extensive training in plant nutrition, economics, and environmental education. She is currently owner of Avant Gardens, a multi-purpose business with the mission of developing sustainable approaches to landscaping, education, and building practices. Based in Clifton, Texas, Debbie balances her time between research, education, writing, and sustainable community outreach. In her spare time, you can find her in her own garden!

In this interview, Deb Tolman explains how to build your super duper food producing keyhole garden.

Show Highlights:

-The role of worms and why they are so important. How to invite more worms into your garden space

-Making soil from cardboard, newspapers, phone books, saw dust and other throw away, yet compostable materials

-How to layer your brown and green materials

-Watering a keyhole garden and why these gardens are especially nice for areas with less rainfall

-Food yields

and so much more. Fascinating information!

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deb tolman, keyhole gardening, january 15, 2013



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  1. Bernard says:

    Isn’t newspepper ink contain toxic chemicals which will blend into your compost?

  2. Steve says:

    They’ve changed the inks, so black and color newsprint inks are fine to use. Just stay away from glossy paper or cardboard, e.g. magazines and cereal boxes.

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