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Evan Folds – Be a Farmer, Start a Garden – July 28, 2011




Evan Folds

Sustainable Gardening

Be a Farmer, Start a Garden

Show Highlights:

-Evan lives among many pine trees and has very acidic soil; he tells us about the success he’s having with container gardens

-Starting the seeds in January and February for an early harvest; Evan talks artificial light and hydroponics

-The importance of getting minerals from the soil; a plant has to have at least 15 elements, but it wants even more

-Are the degenerative diseases we see today a result of eating empty food lacking the life force

-The living aspect of wheatgrass

-Using compost; microbes make the plant food

-Vortexing watering defined; what is the benefit?

-Watering the garden; what to do if you only have city water?

and so much more!


Progressive Gardens is a retail gardening store specializing in hydroponic and organic gardening techniques. They offer year-round gardening with a natural approach, including hydroponic equipment, indoor lighting, organic seeds/soils/fertilizers, rain barrels, composting, science projects and much more. Their goal is to help people integrate sustainable practice into their daily lives.

A Natural Approach is lawn/land care service provider specializing in 100% natural techniques with a focus on bringing balance back to natural systems. They practice efficient and conscientious gardening, organic principles – from lawn and pond care to pest, waste, and water management.

Progress Earth is an international hydroponic, organic gardening and wellness product distribution company, with a focus on integrating sustainable and moral concepts into a modern economic model.

So the Earth may be healed

Be a farmer, start a garden!

Progressive Gardens Website

Vortex Brewer

Progress Earth

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