Mr. Potato Head Versus That French Guy

By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

“Experts” would have you believe that cataracts are only caused by blue light.

These same “experts” are also warning you that exposure to blue light will mess up your circadian rhythms.

Well, the truth is if you stay awake past 10:00 p.m., even if you’re sitting in the dark, you’re screwing up your circadian rhythms.

If you’re eating Out of Time (wrong Growth Zone foods), you’re doing the same.

The suprachiasmatic nuclei (both of them) aren’t your only circadian pacemakers.

Don’t forget the ventromedial nuclei, lateral geniculate nuclei, and even individual red blood cells.

The suprachiasmatic nuclei are mostly only concerned with LIGHT.

Ultraviolet radiation, the visible spectrum, and infrared radiation aren’t the only regulators of circadian rhythms.

Even our “social rhythms” are major regulators of circadian rhythms.

“Experts” want you to believe that your body is so stupid it can’t tell day from night without the benefit of blue light (or any other color of light, for that matter).

Consider the experiments of Professor Frank A. Brown of Northwestern University.

He sliced up potatoes and put them in the dark, deep underground.

These potato plugs represented “ten years of hourly data, about a million and a half ‘potato hours,’ and nearly ninety thousand consecutive calendar hours of data.”

They were kept in a lead box to block any form of known radiation.

The lead box was pressurized, so barometric pressure couldn’t affect the potato tissues.

Yet some unknown energy allowed these potato plugs to exchange information with the environment.

Besides being able to tell what time of the day or night it was, these potato plugs were able to predict the weather one or two days in advance.

So Mr. Potato Head seems to be a lot smarter than that French guy who stayed underground in a cave for two months and got his circadian rhythms all screwed up.

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose proved that vegetables have feelings much like ours.

Professor Frank Brown proved that they have extrasensory perception too.

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    'Mr. Potato Head Versus That French Guy' have 4 comments

    1. November 23, 2015 @ 1:58 am Atom

      Excerpt from Butterflies Need No Taxidermist (available at–e-books.php) …

      abdominal problem, either gas, liquid, or solid — cause of back pain. “You don’t have acetones in your colon. You have ketones. Acetones disengage from tangling up. Ketones congregate.” (Melted cheese can plug up the large intestine due to the ketones carried in saliva. Adano’s therapies for ketone removal include apple cider vinegar, grape wine or vinegar, calamari, or a series of twelve colonics – three colonics the first week, three the second week, two the third week, two the fourth week, and two the fifth and final week. Adano recommended a liquid diet for at least a day following each colonic to prevent intestinal torsion, where the intestines twist and torque after being refilled unevenly with food. The entire lunch or dinner meal, salad and all, were mixed in a blender for the benefit of the colonic clients at Adano’s Houston clinic. For high-level wellness, stimulate the orthocolonic, gastrocolonic, and chronocolonic reflexes of the large intestine. Arise early in the day, optimally between 3:00-7:00 AM, to stimulate the gravity-dependent orthocolonic reflex. Eat early in the day, having “break-the-fast” between 7:00-9:00 AM, to stimulate the gastrocolonic reflex. Eat “on time” with Solar Nutrition to stimulate the time-subordinated chronocolonic reflex. Solar Nutrition is a circadian system of eating that synchronizes the human body to the rhythmic planetary “growth patterns” impressed into our cellular structure by billions of sunrises and sunsets on a rotating Earth.)

      ability to accelerate and deaccelerate the brain — mind. “The human brain is the only mechanism that can trigger atomic energy by thinking via the cerebrospinal fluid.” (“Eventually NSA may secretly achieve the ultimate in quickness, compatibility, and efficiency – a computer with petaflop and higher speeds shrunk into a container about a liter in size, and powered by only about ten watts of power: the human brain.” — James Bamford, Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency, c. 2001, 2002)

      ability to compute — cognition. “Word is computed sound, which creates language.” (“To bind, to bridle, to placate, to ‘know’ are all, in the last analysis, the same thing. In the mysticism of all primitive periods, to know God means to conjure him, to make him favorable, to appropriate him inwardly. This is achieved, principally, by means of a word, the Name – the ‘nomen’ which designates and calls up the ‘numen’ – and also by ritual practices of secret potency; and the subtlest, as well as the most powerful, form of this defense is causal and systematic knowledge, delimitation by label and number. In this respect man only becomes wholly man when he has acquired language. When cognition has ripened to the point of words, the original chaos of impressions necessarily transforms itself into a ‘Nature’ that has laws and must obey them, and the world-in-itself becomes a world-for-us.” — Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West, Vol. One: Form and Actuality, c. 1926)

      ability to crystallize thoughts at will — “smidgen of consciousness acting on consciousness,” sixth endocrine acceleration (Alakh Lok), e.g., “I know who’s on the phone,” etc. “The atomic power of sonics lets you act what you say. Every human being is endowed with this power at the delta level of the brain, but not everyone is allowed to use it.” (It is written, “It is not beneficial to see the unique inner design of reality unless one accords with it.”)

      ability to function in the now as happening — understanding. “Above all things, get understanding – the ability to function in the now as HAPPENING. I don’t have years – I have REVOLUTIONS because I’m happening. How can happening age?”

      ability to hold focus on three forces at once — “cellular mastery,” “enlightenment.” “Sat, chit, ananda is existence, consciousness, bliss. Sat, chit, and ananda is a three-legged stool. Remove any leg, and you can’t sit on it.” (Enlightenment includes the mastering of the “three light zones of the ecology .”)


    2. November 23, 2015 @ 2:02 am Atom

      Excerpt from The Kit Carson of the Aquarian Age: Adan Ley Biography & 218 Anecdotes (available at–e-books.php) …


      Adano demonstrated how to use the Five Element Law in therapy.

      (1) He clapped his hands …

      … Metal, the sonic step.

      (2) He blew on them …

      … Air, the gaseous step.

      (3) He rubbed them together, producing friction …

      … Fire, the thermal step.

      (4) He cupped them to his mouth, filling them with moisture …

      … Water, the liquid step.

      (5) He touched one of us …

      … Earth, the crystalline and final step.


      “If Jesus is in the right hand of God, who is in the left hand?” asked Jonathan Knudson.

      “Uncle Lucifer,” replied Adano.


    3. November 23, 2015 @ 2:07 am Atom

      Excerpt from Dr. Evil & Mini Me: A Critique of Mainstream Monocultural Medicine (Pharmapocalypse) & A Critique of Holistic Medicine & “Health Food” Supplements (available at–e-books.php) …

      An Ayurvedic saying goes …

      “If the diet is right then medicines are of no need. If the diet is wrong then medicines are of no use.”

      Vitamin C in food destroys carcinogenic nitrosamines.

      A “natural” C supplement doesn’t.

      A 1994 Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter explained why …

      “Vitamins as they appear in nature are in complex interrelationships with hundreds, even thousands of other biochemicals within the complex natural food matrix.”

      A friend of mine worked for one of the biggest international vitamin companies in its early days.

      He wouldn’t reveal its name, but he said it was the shelf (of the health food store I was managing at the time).

      He asked the company’s owner about the possible hazards of people taking too many of the company’s supplements, and the owner replied, “Don’t worry about it. There’s nothing but rice filler in every one of my vitamins.”


    4. November 23, 2015 @ 11:58 am Atom

      Tina Hesman Saey (“Genetically modified salmon gets approval in U.S.,” Science News, Nov. 19, 2015) wrote …

      “Salmon genetically engineered to grow bigger and faster than normal were approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the agency announced November 19.

      “The fish are the first genetically engineered animals cleared for human consumption anywhere in the world.”


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