The Alphabet & Atomic Elements

By Atom Bergstrom

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Placebo acting on Placebo equals Extreme Longevity.

People are scared of the placebo effect because it’s the Royal Road to Responsible Personal Empowerment (The Investiture).

What could be scarier than that?

The Buddha avatar attained his enlightenment under the Placebo Tree.

The multinational corporate slavemasters of the New World Order rule the globe only because of individuals who forfeit their personal empowerment.

The buck stops with US, not with the U.S,

Placebo operates from the inside out (vacuum power of an afferent right brain to recall its projections and ACT efferently) instead of the outside in (pumping power of an efferent left brain to externalize blame, guilt, and responsibility and REACT afferently).

The Universe according to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) is 99 percent placebo and 1 percent atomic elements (the 144 elements).

The Investitured Cosmic Initiate knows the ABCs (acceleration) of the LMNs (elements) — light comes in packets (quanta) because of linguistics (the gift of gab, “verbal ecology”).

Scientists were astonished when they discovered that quantum physics followed the laws of linguistics.

Just as there’s no such thing as half a quanta, there’s no such thing as half a letter of the alphabet.

Swallowing a medicine, pill, tonic, or potion from the outside in is the great Cosmic Cop-Out.

The SHAM-ans of SHAM-bala understand that anything can cause anything and anything can cure anything (and usually does).

Adnan Sarhan (The Enchanted Oasis of the Ringed Dove and other Sufi Teaching Stories, 1994) wrote …

“[Kangeroo Karkaroo RaRa Roo said], ‘I know for sure that the word “cake” was put after the word “rice” to make the rice sound good. But that will do no justice to the cake. For the rice will get elevated by it and become airy with a feeling of boasting and bragging. Because if they called the rice cake “rice fiber” or “rice patty” or “dry rice” or “cardboard rice” or “carton rice,” I think that no one would ever buy it. It must be someone with a shrewd mind who used the word cake and played a psychic game on the people so they keep eating rice cakes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for midnight snack and anytime they feel like it.”

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    'The Alphabet & Atomic Elements' have 5 comments

    1. November 24, 2015 @ 4:17 pm Atom

      Validation of Dr. Tom Cowan’s “heart is not the pump” theory …

      A tree pulls water up its trunk by negative pressure created by leaf tension.

      Water and nutrients are pulled from the roots to the leaves by the difference in water potential between the soil and the atmosphere.

      A giant redwood needs no heart to accomplish this feat.

      The heart doesn’t circulate the blood, despite Old Doctors’ Tales to the contrary.

      A doctor wrote a paper proving it in 1898, and it was promptly banned.

      Matthew Joseph Rodermund, M.D. (Fads in the Practice of Medicine, and the Cause and Prevention of Disease, 1901) wrote …

      “But Harvey’s accepted doctrine that the heart is a pump, and by its muscular contraction propels the blood throughout the body, is erroneous, absurd and an absolute physical impossibility.

      “To demonstrate that this is true, we delivered an address in June, 1898 (and about six months later published a pamphlet demonstrating positively that our position was correct), before our National Medical Convention held in Omaha, Neb. Although the thermometer registered 104 degrees in the shade, we received about as cold a reception as could be found in northern Greenland. And to cap the climax this national body barred my paper from being published in its proceedings. An instance of this kind, to our knowledge, has never occurred before in this country. But it goes a long way to show, even in this enlightened day, how the medical profession will always defend its position, no matter how false, unless it is a fad that can be sprung upon the public, with lots of money in it for the doctor.”

      Electricity is responsible for the velocity of the blood.

      Arteries act like resistors, and veins act like capacitors.

      Dr. Rodermund (same source as above) wrote …

      “We all know that all positive electric bodies proportionally repel, while all negatives and positives attract each other; hence by this same law is oxygen introduced into the system by breathing. This air when breathed charges the air-cells of the lungs while the iron in the blood attracts the oxygen. This charges both the air and the blood-cells positively, and thereby generates a self-acting, propelling force by each repelling that in the other.”

      Dr. Rodermund (“Does the Heart Circulate the Blood? A Startling View as to the Power that Circulates the Blood Throughout the Body,” 1909) wrote …

      “Another point that demonstrates positively that the heart is not the real propelling power of the blood is the fact, known to the ancients, that after death the arteries are empty. It was from this phenomenon that the belief arose that the arteries contained no blood, but that they contained air, hence the name artery, which means air pipe. Now, if the heart were a pump, it would be impossible for the arteries to be empty after death, for when a pump ceases to do its work the fluid pumped would cease to flow, especially straight upwards, consequently the blood would remain in the arterial system.

      “To make it as clear as the noon day sun that the heart does not circulate the blood is an experiment made by taking a fluid, injecting it into the arteries after they have been allowed to empty themselves. You can use all of the force possible, yes, ten times as much as the heart can supply, and you can send the fluid only to the end of the arteries. Enough force can be used to rupture the arteries, but the fluid cannot be carried into the veins, but some will gradually pass through these minute blood vessels. There must be a positive and a negative; this is the law that governs universal nature, which includes the human body. To make it more clear, the veins contain venous or impure or negative blood, due to the oxygen consumed in combustion and nourishing process; and the arteries pure, arterial or positive blood, and these as well as the tissues have an attraction for each other which is the cause of the blood passing readily and quickly from the arteries into the veins. This experiment alone is all that would be necessary to forever brand the old theory as positively wrong.

      “Is not this problem plain as well as simple, that it is the oxygen from the air that we breathe that creates the proper conditions to circulate the blood, and not the muscular contraction of the heart? And this force is not like dynamic pressure, which would strain or even burst the heart while the other works on a different principle – that of mutual antagonism and not of pressure.”

      According to Adano Ley …

      “You can’t get the heart to pump if you ain’t got no air.”


    2. November 24, 2015 @ 4:21 pm Atom



    3. November 24, 2015 @ 4:31 pm Atom

      According to Ray Peat …

      “And they repeated the experiment, adding caffeine to the carcinogenic smoke, and, again, it would only produce cancer in 5 percent rather than 95 percent of the animals. Then they tested it on all the classical carcinogenic compounds — polycyclic aromatic compounds, radiation, ultraviolet and X-rays, viruses — every known cause of cancer was prevented by adding caffeine to the situation,”


    4. November 24, 2015 @ 4:38 pm Atom

      “Can placebos cause side effects? And if so, are the side effects real?” — George Carlin–e-books.php


    5. November 24, 2015 @ 9:05 pm Atom

      Jumping on a trampoline or mini-trampoline helps calcify the soft tissue of the pineal gland in preparation for humankind’s journey to the stars.

      “Brain sand” (corpora arenacea) is necessary for space travel and psychic development.

      Brain sand is composed of …

      1) calcium phosphate,

      2) calcium carbonate,

      3) magnesium phosphate, and

      4) ammonium phosphate.


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