Technocracy Then & Now

By Atom Bergstrom

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Technocracy (then and now) is dedicated to the trans-formation of a dollar economy into an energy economy.

It’s part of the anti-human agenda (trans-humanism), a natural evolution of human beings considered as “human resources” (“tax cattle”).

Smartphones are “The Mark of the Beast” and the gateway to Techno-Feudalism and a dystopian future.

Throw them in the trash, you spoon-fed Sheep-Bots !!!!!


According to Time magazine (Dec. 26, 1932) …

“Technocracy presumes that all the wealth and functions of Society can be calculated in terms of energy unity — British Thermal Units, kilogramme calories, joules, ergs, footpounds, horsepower. Upon that presumption was started the ‘Energy Survey of North America,’ in which one man’s time for eight hours is considered equal to 1,500,000 footpounds. Technocracy headquarters, which now has few cartographers at work, has energy charts of about 50 U. S. industries ready for display, talks about 300 charts too significant for revelation, promises 3,000 charts eventually.

“The charts, say the Technocrats, show or will show that the present price system will not work. What will work is a world managed by Technocrats wherein everyone does an equal and rather small amount of work (say 12½ hours a week for 20 years) and enjoys an equal and very large income — in goods provided by the state or obtained by an exchange of ‘erg’ tokens.”


Does anyone not stoned on pot or bombed on booze really think the elite is going to give up their private yachts and private jet planes to work 2½ hours a week, not to mention fork over their billions for a limited amount of horsepower or carbon credits?!?


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  1. November 14, 2022 @ 4:57 pm Atom

    The December issue of Mind Over Matter is now available !!!!!

    MIND OVER MATTER JOURNAL #2 (Dec. 2022), in the tradition of issue #1, groups together miscellaneous MIND-RELATED subjects, including, but not limited to —> Animal Magnetism, Biofeedback, Body Language, Brainwashing, Color Recycling, Creative Visualization, Curanderismo, Devotional Ecstasy, Dowsing, Entheogens, Extrasensory Perception, Fourth Way Philosophy, Gurdjieffian Approximations, Hive Mind, Hypnotism, Laws of Attraction, Lucid Dreaming, The Matrix Allegory, Mass Psychogenic Illness, Meditation, Mesmerism, MIND HACKING, Muscle Response Testing, Morphic Resonance, Mythology, Organ Language, Parapsychology, Placebo Power, Positive Thinking, Propaganda, Psychiatry, Psychology, Pupilometrics, Qi Gong, Radionics, Rebirthing (& Prebirthing), Self-Healing, Semiotics, Sexology, Sleepwalking, Spiritual Science (for want of a better term), Subliminal Perception, Synchronicity, Tai Chi, Transpersonal Psychology, Yoga, etc.


    MIND over MEAT is the theme … anything and everything goes from standard Neo-Freudian Psychology to the farthest reaches of The Matrix and Mass Mind Control (including ESCAPE STRATEGIES, naturally).


    Contents —> (1) Altruistic Egoism, (2) Therapeutic Movement, (3) Social Contagion, (4) The Jumping Frenchmen, (5) Seeing With Closed Eyes, (6) More Mesmeric Phenomena, (7) Words Matter, (8) Father Sky & Mother Earth, (9) Money Magnets, (10) Mind Hacking Example, (11) Mind Hacking Q & A, (12) Mind Hacking Is Pro-Human.


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