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Dr. Lisa is an eye doctor who has been enjoying a carnivore diet for over 13 years. Tune in to listen about why she loves this diet and the transformation it’s made on her health and body. Follow her on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/carnivoredoctor/

Are vegetables not good for us to eat?

Why can’t the body get used to eating things like wheat or corn?  They’re not species specific and require processing.

Meat doesn’t need processing,  

The elite eat meat.  The masses eat mush, grains and vegetables which don’t make you strong.

If viewing the diet as a pyramid, the bottom part should be meat, the top part fat and eggs.

Kellogg’s cereal– the intention was to make people infertile.

Our bodies are geared to health and survival.  Removing toxins allows our bodies to heal.

Probiotics target the digestive tract, which is where nutrition comes into our body.

Undigestable parts of plants like fiber are abrasive.  See Fiber Menace by Konstantin Monastyrsky.

It’s not that you can’t have a food, it’s that you are choosing to not have it.

Meat, fat and eggs are so usable to the body that there is not that much waste.

Do a trial of at least 90 days on carnivore.   Will see improvements continue for months onward.

Dr. Wiedeman does one-on-one and group coaching for clients around the world.

HbA1c should be under 5.2.  Even vegetables like broccoli have carbohydrate in them.  Anything over 5.2, you’re on the diabetes spectrum.

Morning glucose should be between 72-84.

Fat is important.  Don’t want to be eating skinless boneless chicken breasts.  If it was once alive, it’s okay to eat.  Want fat:protein ratio skewed to the fat side – 80:20.

Regular grocery store meat is good enough.

Ribeye is one of the fattiest cuts of beef.  She adds butter or fat cracklings to it.  Search on CarnivoreDoctor for her video on brown butter.

She doesn’t eat organs.  Doesn’t find them palatable.  She uses Pluck as a seasoning, which contains powdered organs.

Listener has CSR- central serous chorioretinopathy – a bubble of fluid on her retina.  Dr. Wiedeman says meat is not a cause of it, but removing all but fatty meat and eggs will remove inflammatory or degenerative agents.

Glaucoma, dry eye, myopia, macular degeneration – all improve.  Dr. Chris Knobbe says its dietary related.  AMD Cure Foundation.  Seed oil, canola oil, palm, cottonseed oils are all toxic to the body. Don’t eat anything from a box, bag, bottle or jar with a bar code.  These oils take 8 years to clear out of your body.

Want fatty pork belly.  She salts it, drys it in frig, cooks it in an air fryer, makes food sizzly and crackly.  See her “Bacon Knot” video.  It’s a good snack.   Want chewy, fatty, not overcooked bacon.

Olive oil, avocado oil – what are you putting them on?  Not eating salads anymore.  80% of olive oils contaminated with other oils.

Doesn’t meat have bacteria in it if not cooked properly?  How much to cook it depends on your comfort level.  She believes in seared rare meat.

Listener who is trying carnivore has cravings for potatoes, pasta, bread.  Recognize that this is an addiction requiring abstinence.  Don’t have fruit, stevia, monk fruit, anything sweet – don’t feed the drug.

She hosts Meata gatherings as she travels around the country.  See her YouTube channel.

The Keto movement has gone astray.  It’s very low carb, high fat, but commercial keto products feed the addiction.  Don’t eat grains.

If on metformin or drugs, will need to deprescribe.  Monitor with your doctor.

How much to drink?  Drink when thirsty. 

Eggs are good.  Yolk has most of the benefits.

Any research on blood type with carnivore?  Think – were there ancestral humans that did not eat meat?

What about grains that are soaked, sprouted, dehydrated?  Maybe for times when animals were scarce and people needed to make do.

We have the ability as omnivores to eat nonmeat.  Is it optimal and necessary?  No.

Native Americans made pemmican with beef, tallow, salt.  Shelf stable after dried, doesn’t go rancid.

Carnivore Bar – a high far, meal replacement bar.

Air Drying meat in the refrigerator before cooking.  Getting away from the plastic, helps give a dry crust with searing.

How to freeze meat?  Air dry for one day in frig, vacuum seal.

Here is the Kiltz interview on YouTube

Here is link to PLUCK organ seasoning:


Here is The Carnivore Bar link

Discount code is : CarnivoreDoctor  to get 10% off

Contact her on Instagram, YouTube at CarnivoreDoctor. Or [email protected] 

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