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This podcast is the result of worldwide reaction to the now famous Lunar Wave footage (first filmed September 26th, 2012) as well as the now massive collection of astounding HD clips shot from 2012 to present and uploaded to YT on the Crrow777 channel. As Crow’s popularity grew on YT so did censorship and limitations with regard to producing anything resembling free speech or uncensored video. Everything produced on YT by Crow recently has been limited by a line drawn by those in charge which limits what can be talked about or shown in video. During the past two years Crow has given a number of interviews which sparked the follower interest needed to launch this podcast. In short, this podcast is the result of interested people wanting to know more about our world and each and every member of the Crrow777 Radio podcast will be supporting free speech. There is a reason YT controls video serving and that is because it is not easy or cheap to serve video privately. I will be working toward being able to afford serving HD video here. This website will also provide members with direct access to Crow though comments – and all troll free as this site is privately operated, free of any social media restriction, data mining, trolling and frankly, BS. This site is meant for an adult conversation free of the growing restrictions and censorship of social media. FREE SPEECH is the goal here. It should also be mentioned that valuable communication happens in a polite environment so please leave hatred, foulness and all else that is YT to the trolls over there. Crow will close the door on that here. Welcome aboard the Crrow777 Radio podcast. It is time to challenge everything – ALL of it.

In 1930 The natural sound frequency of 432Hz was manipulated to 440 Hz

440Hz is more difficult for the body to absorb naturally

The ether, Spirit, Chi has all the frequencies

Ancient cultures has energy the gathered from the ether

These cultures also used sound to carve stones and move them without mechanical means

Everything on the news/TV is a simulation… Nothing is as it seems

If you don’t know where you live how do you know Where You are going?

All the “players” – Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos are trained paid actors

All rockets can not leave earths atmosphere and end up in the ocean

The International Space Station, Hubble, James Webb Telescopes  are fictions

During an Occult (hiding) of Jupiter behind the moon is a time when the King is killed

The moon is not solid

'Crrow777 Radio | Everything On The News Is a Simulation Going Back to JFK’s Alleged Murder | March 28, 2023' have 2 comments

  1. March 29, 2023 @ 7:33 pm David A Smith

    The “Architects of Reality” are just waiting around for those of us who are onto their game to die off before they make they make their big play for all the marbles knowing that the remaining population is so brain hacked to do anything to stop them.


  2. March 30, 2023 @ 9:56 pm Eric Poynter

    I never knew this man existed. . .
    I had to listen to the show twice, just to make sure I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear, due to the fact I had such a kindred spirit and rapport with the words spoken during the show. Now I know. I no longer have to believe. One day when I get some value, I will be sure to send it your way Patrick. Blessings and peace to both gentlemen.


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