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Daniel Vitalis

Leading Health, Nutrition, and Personal Development Strategist as well as a Nature Based Philosopher

Daniel Vitalis has appeared on our show many, many times to discuss Sovereign Self Health Care, speaking primarily about personal health strategies and tactics.

Encouraging us to “ReWild Ourselves”, he teaches that Invincible Health is produced by a life aligned with our biological design.

His entertaining, motivational and magnetic delivery style has made him an in-demand public speaker in North America and abroad.

He is the creator of, a resource helping people find fresh, clean, wild water wherever they live, and the founder of, a brand pioneering a lifestyle of health and adventure.

Daniel was recently featured in the widely acclaimed film “Hungry For Change”.

He can be found at

In this show, Daniel teams up with Brandon Amalani, who has also been our guest in the past, to talk about the incredible health and beauty benefits of Schizandra

Brandon Amalani

The Sensational Schizandra Berry

Brandon Amalani has been a student of herbal medicine, nutritional therapies, and Traditional Chinese Medicine for over a decade. With years of experience, Brandon has preformed numerous classes, seminars, lectures and individual consultations in the Midwest.


Show Highlights:

-We asked Daniel to recommend a nice morning drink to get us started with our day without hyping us up and making us nervous

-Waking up all the systems; Daniel explains Xanthines

-Daniel explains how he and Brandon Amalani met; they now have a partnership

-Freeing ourselves from social programming and becoming healthier

-A double dose: Schizandra and sulfur together activates glutathione

-The classic benefits of Schizandra

-Putting fruits in our diet in a proper way with schizandra

-How does Schizandra compare to Camu Camu in vitamin C?

-The future of food; Daniel shares his vision for food of the future

-Schizandra: The ultimate food for beauty; but what is ‘beauty’ exactly?

-Being fit for the modern world; Daniel explains adaptogens

-What’s so great about cold showers and cold plunges?

-Ancient bodies in a modern world

-Daniels approach to the Fukushima fallout

-Daniels gets philosophical about dying

-Guarding against losing your health to worry and stress

-Was Daniel required to get vaccines for his work as an EMT?

-Sleep positions of indigenous people

-Grounding, electromagnetic fields and sleep quality

-Colostrum: The gut restoring food

-Jim, a listener, calls in to talk about what he’s doing to improve his eyesight

-The best foods for toddlers

-A listener wants to know what Daniel eats in a typical day

-Blending butter into drinks

-Daniel tells us why he LOVES chia seeds

-Why does the tongue turn white when on a juice fast?

and so much more!


daniel vitalis 5


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daniel vitalis and brandon amalani, december 5, 2013. hour one

'Daniel Vitalis with Brandon Amalani – Breaking Free from Social Programs and Becoming Healthier; The Superpower of the Schizandra Berry; Ancient Bodies in a Modern World and more – December 5, 2013' have 2 comments

  1. December 11, 2013 @ 3:16 pm Ape

    Daniel says something to the effect of, “No matter how much time I spend in the forest, it’s not going to change things”….

    It doesn’t look like he has spent that much time in the forest since his face is always so domesticated (shaved) and indoctrinated by the slave-masters razor.

    Why not really spend some time rewilding and grow a beard?

    Especially since Daniel is considering himself at the forefront of the “rewilding” movement; I think it would set a more realistic, positive example to be a real, wild man who would naturally have a full-beard.

    Anthropological evidence shows that undomesticated “humans” rarely shaved and it was considered a sign of sexual maturity to have a full-beard.

    The Gururumba people were real men.

    People should look into the studies and science about the domesticating influences of shaving.

    Drop the tools (razors) of Babylon and wake up.

    Thanks for the show.


  2. December 22, 2013 @ 11:17 pm Ape

    As a woman, I prefer a beard on my man; only then can I truly trust his senses.

    Too many “men” look like my Auntie these days.


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