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Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine

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Dr. Richard Massey talks about addiction and habitual patterns.

“I just hate real estate,” complained one of Dr. Massey’s clients. Dr. Massey asked her, “What is our first home? The womb.” He explains how real estate and the womb tie together, using Recall Healing.

“What happened at your birth?” is an important question to ask.

“My burden in life gets lighter.” Saying it can make diseases go away.

“Almost always there’s a family story,” regarding all diseases, including thyroid diseases.

“Biology is like the accountant. It keeps track of everything,” says Dr. Massey.

Patrick asks for more information about the thyroid and it’s relationship to time. Dr. Massey replies in detail.

Patrick’s question leads to a discussion about synchronicity and the nature of “time.”

Dr. Massey’s grandparents barely survived the “Great Miami hurricane” in 1926. His father became a weatherman.

Diseases have two main causes — birth or family constellations.

This coronavirus is not the problem. “Each person will find their part in it,” Dr. Massey explains.

“My cells are actually ejaculating exosomes. Somehow the word ‘virus’ got put on these little particles of connection.”

Virus has meant “poison” for 500 years, “Exosome” is a much better word.

Dr. Massey didn’t wear a mask in the operating/recovery rooms, and he never caught anything.

“When a doctor says, ‘Oh, my, there’s two small spots on the lung,’ we forget the several trillion that are functioning perfectly well.”

Patrick discusses his sleeplessness. He speculates it’s about his compassion for what other people are experiencing (losing their businesses, etc.)

“If I had any symptoms, I’d be staying home,” Dr. Massey says about the coronavirus, comparing his chances of survival at home versus a hospital, but it’s everyone’s choice, not personal advice.

A listener asks Dr. Massey about testosterone. Dr. Massey personally takes a bio-identical version along with a little DHA and sometimes pregnenolone.

A listener asks about rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Massey talks about “telling the story so there are no victims or perpetrators,” then gives additional details about remedies that can make a difference.

Patrick and Dr. Massey discuss pasteurization and “solution-mongers.”

A listener has a “fluttering left ear.” Dr. Massey gives some practical advice.

Dr. Richard Massey, M.D. on the spiritual nature of our origin story and our health, September 21, 2020

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