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Dave Murphy aka Allegedly Dave

Escaping the Matrix, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes

The Matrix has you. You are a slave, trapped in a psychological prison where you are forced to work to reinforce the prison walls and kill off your fellow inmates. Is there a way out? We will be looking at the nature of the cage, how we were ensnared and the possible escape routes, individually and for humanity as a whole.

WTF is going on?
Have you looked at the TV or read the newspaper and asked yourself that question?

What if you’ve been told the biggest whopper of all time? A lie that has rendered you as nothing more than an insignificant microbe that evolved by accident on the surface of an inconsequential speck of dust in an infinite and meaningless universe. What if the world you live in is an entirely different place than you can possibly imagine?
We will look at a world with you at it’s centre and where you are in a race against time before the controllers lock us into a world that we already believe we are confined to.

Dave Murphy

Show Highlights:

-Urine therapy, distilled water, fasting, diet and how the mind works were the things Dave discovered would allow the body to heal itself

-Dave tells us about his 30 day urine fast and how things started changing in his body just after 4 days

-How chronic emotional stress affects the body and causes illness

-Finding God after a lifetime of atheism

-Escaping the Matrix; realizing that everything you’ve learned may not be true after all

-Dave shares his ideas as to why he thinks the Earth is flat

and so much more!!

-Comment from a listener: I really appreciate Dave’s contribution to the world. His story really resonates with me. I have so many similarities. I had an emotionally triggered incurable disease. I was an atheist for over 20 years until I did a fast and felt the hand of the creator. I lost about 70 pounds and had hallucinations and it was truly awful. I thought in retrospect that I was metabolizing all the feelings and traumatic experiences I had stored in my body fat. I fast daily. And my intuition has gone through the roof. I don’t need to eat very much at all. I redirected my path and learned to trust the perfection of the human body. I had a midlife crisis/existential crisis once I realized that almost everything we are taught is a lie, fabricated to sell us a model that is not in our best interest.

I found flat earth accidentally and thought it was ridiculous, so I tried to debunk it and realized just how little I actually knew about the heliocentric model. I am in the flat earth closet.


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'Dave Murphy – Once You’ve Taken the Red Pill There’s No Turning Back: Escaping the Matrix, Flat Earth and Other Hot Potatoes – August 23, 2016' have 5 comments

  1. August 23, 2016 @ 4:53 pm Kildare

    Can’t wait to listen to this!


  2. August 24, 2016 @ 2:13 pm Ria

    Excellent information. Thank you!


  3. August 24, 2016 @ 3:13 pm Arthur Homewood

    Hey Dave, Did you leave Facebook? I was looking to chat with you and I don’t see you any longer. How can I get in touch with you?


  4. August 25, 2016 @ 6:52 am John Shore

    So glad you got Dave Murphy on, this was the person I mentioned who did the 30 day urine fasting when I was on last October talking about urine therapy and liver flushing etc. So glad that urine therapy is getting more limelight. Another lady to check out is Monica Schutt who is Changa Charanga on Facebook and has a lot of Youtube experiences with urine fasting and the benefits of this healing modality. Thank you Patrick and Sharon!


  5. August 26, 2016 @ 11:42 pm Mark

    Every pun intended, but I think it prudent to flush out some of Dave’s allegations. To say no toxins pass through the urine is not supported by any evidence I have come across. Drug users of amphetamines, for example, know that drinking the urine of a user brings a concentrated form of the same substance. Survival journals state it can be dangerous to drink urine beyond the first pass (for example, in a desert situation). Most health professionals, starting with ancient Chinese, recognized the kidneys as one of two main detoxification organs. Alternative health practitioners are concerned that pharmaceuticals, from antidepressants, to steroids, or birth control pills, taint municipal water supplies… all through urine. I am a believer in urine therapy, but would not readily suggest people drink toxic urine, any more than I would suggest fecal implants with toxic disbiotic feces. I’m just raising the flag of caution before people unwittingly harm themselves by going on a “urine only” fast before detoxing. That’s my opinion, of course.


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