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Dr. Richard Massey, MD

Ask Dr. Massey

Dr. Richard Massey joins us LIVE once a month to take health questions from our listeners. He is an MD practicing Wholistic and Natural Medicine

Show Highlights:

-The brain/gut connection

-Dr. Massey loves his EM wave machine; he explains how the technology works. If you missed our show about Heartmath, check it out here

-Patrick tells Dr. Massey about the work of Norman Robillard, Ph.D. We talk about digestion and gut issues often, but Dr. Robillard really brought some new ideas with his visit with us.

-Patrick gives us a lesson on the Chinese New Year

-The whole fiber thing is just a big scam and makes things worse according to Konstantin Monastyrsky. We talked about fiber with Dr. Robillard and decided to bring outan old archived show with Mr. Monastyrsky; we’ve had incredible feedback from our listeners.

-Dr. Massey recommends watching ‘The Road to Wellville’

-Patrick runs through a list of high FP(fermentation potential)foods

-Patrick talks about the way fruits have been hybridized; just because they’re organic doesn’t mean they are that great to eat often

-“I would rather die than see my ex-husband again”, said a patient of Dr. Massey who was dying of cancer;he explains Gestalt therapy, family constellation therapy. Dr. Massey is a student of Byron Katie

-Jim calls in and wants to know if once cancer has metastisised, can it be cured? Does chemotherapy cause more problems down the road? What is really happening to the cancer with chemotherapy?

-Our heart always knows the answer

-Recap of Dr. Burzynski’s show

-Is the purpose of the medical industry to reduce the population? Dr. Massey thinks maybe so

-Front loading traumas for 3 generations; the ability to have our offspring carry traumas out of love

-A listener wants to know the best supplements to use

-Exercise for strengthening the heart; you don’t want weak heart muscles

-How to detect heart failure

-Patrick McGean calls in to tell Dr. Massey he needs to be taking sulfur orally, not rectally

-Patrick talks about his experiences with liver flushes and highly recommends them

-Do eating raw organs from animals energize our own organs?

-How much iodine is too much for thyroid problems; why do we need more iodine than we used to?

and so much more!

Dr. Massey

ask dr massey with richard massey m.d., january 30, 2014, hour one

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