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There is no better “diet” for losing weight, building the immune system, gaining strength, and for improving and maintaining health than The Real Diet of Man. That is an absolute,unequivocal scientific fact. It works for everyone and all they have to do is eat! If you are overweight and dine only on foods that replicate the nutritional profile man had prior to the invention of grain farming, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. Interestingly, many other chronic diseases are also arrested and in some cases eliminated with The Real Diet of Man. (ReadTrue Health Stories.) And, if you are in competitive sports, The Real Diet of Man will increase your strength and stamina. It only makes sense if you think about it!

Ted Slanker

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Show Highlights:

-Why do some people do well on meat and others don’t?

-Foundation food for animal life is the green leaf, or another food further down the food chain that has eaten green leafy plants.

-Skewed fatty acid profile from grain fed beef with high omega 6:3 ratio. Grassfed beef is closer to 1:1.

Grains, nuts, seeds – high omega 6s.

-Animals are composed of everything needed for life.

-Animals are a consistent food source – are there all the time. Plants only seasonally available.

-Why are too many omega 6 fats bad?

-What are the labeling laws for grass fed beef? Grass fed vs. grass finished.

-Taste and physical characteristic differences between grass fed vs. grain fed beef.

-Why food chemistry is important.

-Need to cook grass fed beef with low heat.

-Good foods will be low glycemic, nutrient dense, and have proper omega fat profile.

-A listener asks:I was wondering if Ted Slankercould explain ifeating meat is the ‘Real Diet of Man’, then the why do the longest lived cultures around the world have a very low animal protein intake. The Okinawans only derive around 7% of their caloriesfrom proteins. The vast majority of their calories comes from carbs, in particularsweet potatoes and rice. Are there any studies showing high animal eaters and longevity? Contrary to belief it seems the Inuits and Massai have dismal health and life expectancy. The pro-protein/animals studies that I can find seem very short. Are the studies you mention long term?

Also, why is our design not more like a carnivore, to help us rip the meat? A lot of healers would argue that it is the acids, IGF1, heme iron and N-nitroso in animal protein that is leading tochronic disorders, whether it is grass fed or not.


ted lanker and the real diet of man, july 14, 2016

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  1. July 15, 2016 @ 2:35 am ivet

    I thought most of the animals people eat today are domesticated and once the meat is cooked it pretty much kills all enzymes…I think eating a dead animal is pretty much the one thing to avoid in a diet.


    • July 15, 2016 @ 10:51 am Stan Johnson

      Ivet,I agree no one will ever convince me, based on my own experience that meat is good for you, whether it is grass fed or not. I experienced only negative effects of animal products. I am a vegan and it is the best diet for me because my body just doesn’t like meat.


    • July 15, 2016 @ 12:36 pm April

      Then you should avoid it. Just so you know that the grains, vegies etc that make up a vegetarian diet are not without consequences to animals. They are killed my the thousands in threshing machines, habitats destroyed by farming equipment and not prettily. In panic I’m quite sure. Everything eats everything on this planet. I think a dead animal is something to avoid in your diet, but not “a” diet.


      • July 16, 2016 @ 1:26 pm Mark

        I think you guys are missing the whole point to him being on whether one condones meat or not. Meat is his schtick…That’s what he’s selling…Nothing more nothing less…check out his website.
        That’s why I like guests that have nothing to sell…


  2. July 17, 2016 @ 7:34 pm Chris

    I will go with Peter Ragnar and Atom’s diet/lifestyle advice, Solar nutrition far more important than Vegan vs Meat eating, the proof is in the pudding, ignore what people say and watch what they do and the results, Hillary Clinton, Obama etc are perfect examples. Some do better on red meat etc O blood types etc, but most are better off following Vegetarian or Vegan diet, eat some free range eggs, Greek Yogurt, 1 World Whey and grass fed butter and you have it covered. Old time body builders got huge on raw eggs and milk. Look what Venus Williams just did at Wimbledon at 36, proof of effects of good vegan diet, I doubt her sister Serena is Vegan though most men would die for those arms and shoulders.

    Download Peter’s free 35 page ebook “How to build muscle on a raw food diet” great info. raw seems much better


    • July 20, 2016 @ 5:59 am Ryan

      Thanks Chris, that was good, balanced input:)


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