The Reality of Anarchy

by Jesse Gendron

The word for today is “anarchy”. Some of you are now visualizing massive destruction and the most violent acts of civil disobedience imaginable. The Free Dictionary defines anarchy as:

1. Absence of any form of political authority. 2. Political disorder and confusion. 3. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

Anarchy is the culture of defiance, theft, violence, murder Even support for “libertarian” candidates. Let’s look at where the anarchistic traits truly lay in today’s society.

Let’s first talk about theft. The point here is not to use some objectively irreverent moral blackmail to say to an adult that stealing is wrong. This is not the reason that this is not a good idea. However, the point here is explained as “theft” defeats the purpose of an ungoverned (anarchistic) world. For a corporation to produce an inferior product at the expense of the well being of an overseas slave, is a form of theft. For one then to develop more creative means of stealing it is a loop going nowhere. Thieves depend on something to steal, which requires the contemporary system of destructive manufacturing necessary to maintain a supply of something to steal.

There’s only a finite amount of time that you could sustain yourself looting the old world. After you’ve raided your local Walmart, furnished a small apartment from where they sell the cardboard furniture, after having taken the last microwave dinner out and proceeded to heat it in a pile of hot tar on the roof, allowing the harmful plastics to season it well, you may ask yourself, “What do I do now!?”

Violence requires as much attention. Cause and effect is an axiom among spiritualists and rationalists alike. Some call it karma, the West would prefer to call it judgment, while the rationalist mind looks at this as decisions we make in the physical realm to affect who we are conceptually.

Acts of violence and organized military action, even if given names like militia or peoples’ army, would theoretically only lead to the patriarchal, hateful, and damaging way that we have now but hopefully will not have in the near future. Yet it seems unclear if any time in the near future will we be safe to put down our raised hands and start shaking them instead.

Examine yourself. In that moment when this is really possible, will you be prepared, mentally?

Murder is rationalized to say that it is not murder to intentionally kill for the purpose of safety and security. This is the justification by which we say that it is morally sound to invade another country and murder others, the end result being control of that county, not freedom or democracy.

Those who enslave those within their own borders do the same, psychologically. They enslave their own at home by convincing these people that their efforts are to protect freedom in their home country. But, is this freedom real? Do you, in the truest sense of the word, have the freedom to decide to take responsibility for your own well being? Your own freedom? The powers that were do not want you to take your health – or your life -into your own hands.

Libertarianism and Minarchism are often confused with anarchism. Some believe that anarchy is in league with the concept that a government is still necessary, yet acknowledges the harm of large government. This may still be an important thought, although this negates your responsibility to attain this absolute freedom. It can’t be given to you under the condition that you give up Freedom A for Freedom B. The truth is hidden within today’s doublespeak -freedom isn’t free, honesty is not truth, bombing is humanitarian and on it goes.

If we speak of anarchism as truly taking responsibility for one’s own freedom, we would not threaten controllers with chaos until they submit to bring welfare back. I think itEs easy for the freed mind to understand rising above and rebelling against the status quo, but while finding it difficult to grasp being without that system of control.

Even anarchy has “rules”. You have the power to decide the way in which you choose to live. You do not have the power to do things that harm others or lessen the freedom of others. When someone does aim to harm or take away the freedom of others, you have the power –and responsibility– to stop that person. Don’t wait for some designated group of thugs that beat, pillage, and rape to enforce parking regulations and can’t be bothered to show interest when the people actually need them.

Many claim to be anarchists without understanding what it really is, where it really is in society and that anarchy also carries certain responsibilities -the highest of which is to control yourself lest you become like those you rail against.


Jesse was born and grew up out of the system, rather like a “Child of Zion” from “The Matrix” movies. The vast majority of his 21 years has been lived in very rural settings, and he has learned to build houses using several mediums (stone, wood, adobe), tend animals, and repair electronic devices. He is also our Linux guru. His current projects are building a house out of local rock and adobe and preparing a 4 acre garden for next year.


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