Show highlights:

-We’re starting a Golden Age on midnight Sunday night.  12 cycles of 12.

-Listener asks about getting an internet signal in a remote area.

-Is the etymology of disciples related to discipline?  Atom says some translators call the Ten Commandments the Ten Disciplines.

-Atom says currently there are 1,459 satellites circling planet Earth.  Rotating along with them are 170 million pieces of space debris.

-Patrick’s still doing Dr. Ellie’s tooth cleaning protocol and looking forward to his next Oral DNA test.

Hour 2

-Nature-Throid dessicated thyroid has become temporarily unavailable.  Online sources for Thyroid-S and Thiroid dessicated thyroid from Thailand.  Nature-Throid’s manufacturer built a new plant due to increasing demand, it will be available again soon.

-Patrick gives Nancy the reading from the eck vijnana for her February birthday.

-Atom says many cases of Grave’s Disease are actually low thyroid, trying to regulate itself.  Basal body temp test doesn’t work for overweight people.

-Miracles happen all the time.  Jo wrote down in detail what she wanted in an apartment in Brooklyn, read it daily for 6 months, and someone called her to offer an apartment with exactly what she wanted.   A 5/27/14 guest on ORN, Sri Ananda Sarvasi, had worked with her for 18 months and got her out of the chair she’d been in for 14 years.  She said Patrick saved her life.  Patrick reads the eck vijnana for her December birthday.  The month of onyx, the days of charity, the mystery of life resolves itself.  Jo gets 2 free ORN tie-dyed T-shirts as a first time caller.

-YouTube video for paida lajing Harrisburg seminar is here.  Chinese stretching and slapping exercises.

Hour 3

-John wonders about Asheville.  Jo says it’s awesomeeee!  He asks about getting the bench for doing paida lajing and Patrick’s experience doing it.  Patrick’s body worker says it’s an amazing technique.  John talked about his visit to Iceland and their freedom of the internet policy.  Kicking out the bankers and politicians restored their economy.  Tourists helped pay off Iceland’s loans.  Healing centers, natural formations, pure water, and clean environment are drawing in visitors.  But it’s cold there!!!  Only 330,000 population. has benches for paida lajing, slappers.  Or look on Amazon for lajin bench.

-Limited time special sale just for ORN listeners on the infrared sauna.  Only 4 left at sale price.

-Patrick reads Lynn’s eck vijnana for the month of March, which is garvata.

-Jenna asks:  what is Patrick’s protocol for staying young?

-Contemplation vs. meditation.  Start by loving ourselves.  Even when we’ve done dumb, silly things.  Divine spirit only has love for us.  But we will have karma for what we’ve done.


Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, A Golden Age is coming this weekend, October 20, 2017 ONE

Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, A Golden Age is coming this weekend, October 20, 2017 TWO

Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick, A Golden Age is coming this weekend, October 20, 2017 THREE

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