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Optimize Your Health and Super Charge Your Healing Through Sweating

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna has won Five Awards and yields more far infrared healing light and extreme temperatures than all other saunas on the market at a fraction of the price of fancy wood saunas.

Phil has used The Relax Far Infrared Sauna virtually every day  for many years and today is in excellent health.  He has 70+ revolutions around the sun, incredibly active in his passion for his work of educating people around the world about this unique technology.  As you will hear, what ever he is doing is working.

Has sold Relax Far Infrared Saunas for 21 years.  His pinnacle product.  Also sells massage tools.

Find me a way to find sweat and fever and I will cure disease – Hippocrates.

Sauna benefits: lowers high blood pressure, tension, anxiety, and pain; relaxes.  Feels like grandma giving a loving hug.

Testing shows Relax Far Infrared Radiation raises body temp significantly more than other saunas.  4.2 ° in 1 hour, 98° to 101° in 25 minutes.  Improves heart rate variability.

Other saunas use carbon panels, which don’t have enough of the correct wavelength to have the impact the Relax FIR does.

Relax FIR is made by an electrical company in Taiwan.  Engineered to cause all cells to resonate with water molecules.  Want a vibration between 4-14 microns.

We are far infrared light beings.  FIR is absorbed and all the molecules dance, which raises internal body temp.  A hyperthermia device whose only purpose is to increase body temperature.

Active ingredient in sauna is the loving light.  Between 4-14 microns is unique to Relax.  Get 4 to 9 times more energy than other saunas.

Relax FIR significantly increases body temp more than other saunas, including other FIR brands and Finnish saunas.

Pollack says the body creates the fourth phase of water with the Relax FIR sauna.  More pure water, more spiritual purification.

Reddit commenter says Relax FIR gives more value.  You feel differently with the Relax FIR.  Best sauna to use if following with a cold shower.

Any benefit from going from hot sauna to cold shower and then back to the sauna and cold shower?  Yes, do sauna 20 minutes at a time, shower, and do this 3 times.

Need to take extra electrolytes?  A wise principle.  To lose the bad guys, sometimes you lose the good guys. 

Showering doesn’t penetrate the body and cleanse, but light does.  Relax sauna brings joy.  Feel relaxed and energized.  People don’t report that after using wooden saunas.

Took 10 years to design the semi computer chip technology.  Designed to filter out NIR and mid infrared.  These don’t cause the body to resonate.

There are look-alikes on Amazon.  Relax is only truly portable that will fit in a small carrying bag.  Silver on the tent causes rays to reflect back and bounce around.

Relax sauna cleanses every cell of the body, like a washing machine cleanses very fiber of clothing.

Science on Finnish saunas used 4-7 times a week had healthier hearts, showed it was healthy for pregnant women.

Through electricity, it’s the best we can do to have divine love in a box.

The Relax FIR will mobilize lymphatic, get toxins out of the body, increase microcirculation, get rid of pain and swelling and inflammation, activate parasympathic nervous system, flood body with oxygen, and destroys Lyme. Activates mitochondria because it increases oxygen which increases energy.

Researcher found average increase in oxygen in muscles was 48% with Relax FIR.

Heavy metals in sweat from Finnish sauna and other brands of FIR had less toxins compared to after Relax FIR. 

People that say they don’t like saunas do like the Relax FIR.  Relax is the Mercedes of saunas. 

Ships all over the world.  A lot sold to UK, Australia, and US customers.

Will this sauna help the people that got the jab?  Testimonies from people that it does, in conjunction with other therapies.

People report it nips colds in the bud.  People looking for the truth find the difference between the Relax and other brands.

Experience without guilt.  Observation is antidote of judgment.  Quit judging, love yourself.  Love yourself as much as you’ve ever loved anyone, and it’s purifying.

Does urine excrete more toxins after sauna?  Absolutely. 

More beautiful skin, restless leg syndrome gone, asthma attack, chills,  Should be in every ER.  Top baseball teams use it for their athletes.

How much water to drink?  Extra water 8-12 oz. before sauna, then as much as you want.  Dehydration is a contraindication to use of sauna.

If not sweating, you will with continued use of Relax.  30 day money-back guarantee.

Normal person starts sweating in 8 minutes.  Dripping at 15, drenched at 20.  It’s not from the heat, which doesn’t have much to do with the benefits.

Fan blows heat off the generators so they continue to work.

It’s the heat inside the body, the body temperature, is where it’s at.  A hyperthermia machine that resonates water molecules.

Patrick applies castor oil on his stomach.  Can take chair out and sit on the floor to put head inside if you want.

Marked difference in health when people finally do sweat.  Drink lots of water.  Can unzip tent and still sweat profusely.  Unzip and go as many minutes as you can.

FIR gives plants and humans the energy to move and bend.  Gives turtle eggs buried in sand the energy to hatch.

Big difference in blood microscopy and jumping performance before and after a Relax sauna session and habitual sauna use.

Match made in heaven – using the Relax after using X3 bands.

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