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Are parasites the next “germ” “killer” that we will say has been made up?

the body is full of microbes of a wide variety and when the body dies, it eats all the flesh.

So, why would we need to kill a cow, chicken, buffalo, pig or deer to thrive?

The Bullseye on the skin after a tick bite was falsely promoted as a sign one had Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease has never been proven to exist as advertised.

I phones proven to be one of the most highly dangerous for Electrical Radiaton

The Samsung, Galaxy J7V is a safer choice for mobile phone

How to get squeaky clean with God, and why it matters

What is the subconscious mind and how to get above it

Is there a safe way to not pay income taxes?

Edgar Cayce predicts Russia will save the World in the future

The potential for war with Russia increase by the day.

Vaccinating animals is just as unnecessary and dangerous as vaxxing humans

I hope you are well. I was listening to a podcast recently where he (Sacha Stone, not sure if I trust him) mentioned a website to learn all about status correction which then leads to tax exemptions, etc. on most of your shows this week, there has been a lot of talk about “they”. “They” want to control us, hurt us, “they” want to rule, etc. I’ve heard you say before that you believe this world to be a dream. Well if that’s true, then in reality, there is no “they”, there is only “you”.

This part of life as it is on this planet at the moment really flips the head on the the idea that “all is one,” and I say “idea” because as it is now, I’m not in a high-conscious, enlightened being. It makes me angry, and it begs the question what is actually the point? There’s no self to save, all is emanating from consciousness. There’s always going to be good, evil, light, dark – but then where is balance? Sometimes it’s easy to write things off because, I guess, it’s the “creative freedom” but whose? …and what what point is it our own faults that continue to allow it?

How about the Big Stupid Bang Theory…. the ‘core’ of Our Earth was spinning and collecting debris for trillions of years…. thus forming the ball. How can we have huge flat spots… like the salt flats. How can we not be perfectly round…. centrifugal force…. the ‘theory’ is ridiculous.+

I actually find the issue to be interesting. That’s why I’ve given the flat earth crowd the utmost of attention, and the full amount that it possibly deserves. I’ve heard all this stuff and much more of the supposed facts that these folks spew, and not one single point adds up to a reasonable perspective. The way you can know for sure, is that the only thing this crowd offers is your salvation from all those evils that are trying to trick you into heliocentrism

part one

part two

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