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George Gordon – The Godfather of Common Law: Living Without the Government – January 20, 2011


Patrick Timpone

George Gordon

The Godfather of Common Law

George is a subsistence farmer using organic methods to practice land stewardship pursuant to the Scriptural land laws. He and his family are living peacefully in the

Ozark Mountains of Missouri and are doing so without any Social Security Numbers, marriage licenses, business permits, insurance, innoculations, bank loans, credit cards, public school, government inspections, in fact, without any government intrusion into their lives. He observes the Mosaic Law and does not advocate, nor teach, anarchy, civil disobedience, or racism.

Mr. Gordon joined us on January 20, 2011 to discuss his way of life which he also teaches through courses. Learn how to pay less taxes, live without a SSN, drivers license, birth certificate etc. This was a truly fascinating show for anyone wishing to claim their sovereignty. Great Show!

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george gordon, liberty made simple, 01.20.11 hour one



 george gordon, liberty made simple, 01.20.11 hour two



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  1. Jelani says:

    This program was excellent and informative. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Ish says:

    Thank you very much for having him on the show Patrick, he was extremely informative. It would be great to have him come back soon. Thanks.

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