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Dr. Hal Huggins – Mercury Fillings, Root Canals and An Ancestral Diet – March 2, 2009


Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS


Thirty five years ago Dr. Hal Huggins discovered the damage that mercury amalgam fillings were doing to the human body. As is often the case, when one is ahead of their time they are attacked by those with a vested interest in protecting their turf. Yet, this show is really about the future, the work, the research of this passionate man enabling us all to reach excellent health.

Listen now and hear Dr. Huggins experience with root canals and why they should not be done. Cavitations, infections in the bone where extractions have taken place and are silently burdening the immune system, is explained in detail here.

Dr. Huggins gives his thoughts on proper materials to be allowed in in our mouths. We talk about ways to detoxify the body of mercury and other toxic metals. And learn about the ways to discover your own best ancestral diet that is best for you. And, a bonus the only toilet paper known that does not have mercury in it.

Learn where to find a dentist in your area that is knowledgeable and trustworthy at Dr. and you can get more information on topics discussed with Dr. Huggins at 866.948.4638




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