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Dr. Betty Martini – Aspartame: Its Deadly, Disguised & Everywhere – February 19, 2009

dietcoke.jpgThe whole story of how Aspartame came and to being and remains in nearly 70% of processed foods today, alone is enough to make one sick.  Hear Dr. Betty Martini tell the story behind this proven hazardous drug masquerading as a safe sweetener.

We had no idea how nasty this chemical Aspartame is.  One of the most troubling aspects is that since the patent has expired, many companies are using Aspartame and labeling it as something else and in many cases it glides in under the term “natural ingredients.”

Mission Possible World health Internationals website is You’ll find lots of information here.  

You’ll also hear Dr. Martini talk of an herbal formula she came across some years ago that she says will get the body balanced by cleansing the blood to cure cancer.  For the moment, shes asked we not publish the formula on our site. 

If you would like the formula simply email patrick.


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