Re: What did Adano mean by 3 score and ten?

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said, “3 score and 10 is 7 cycles, when the body kicks in to the noneating state. When you master no eating and no sleeping, you have Longevity Lifestyle. In the Longevity Lifestyle, it’s only service. I call it, ‘I’ll do the dirty work, Big Daddy, you keep the flow going.'”

According to Adano, “There were once 35 teeth and 35 vertebrae. You can grow a third set of teeth.”

Elephants replace their teeth 5 times and sharks replace their teeth continuously.

Some sharks have been known to have lost and replaced 30,000 teeth.

Cases of humans growing a third set of teeth are far more common than most folks believe.

It usually happen after “70 revolutions around the Sun” (3 score and 10), but I’ve encountered at least one instance of it occurring to a Fort Worth man in his early 20s.

There’s been cases of people growing 2 and even 3 ROWS of teeth, and the vagina dentata – a vagina with teeth in it – is a rare but scientific fact.

Why would Great Nature supply us with a third set of teeth beyond the Biblical allotment of 3 score and 10 if an Extreme Longevity Option – the Babaji Factor – wasn’t built into the mechanism?

Consider the primary importance of teeth in the Zone Therapy and Microacupuncture systems of William H. Fitzgerald (1872-1942), Eunice D. Ingham (1889-1974), Reinhold Voll, M.D. (1909-1989), Fritz Kramer, D.D.S., Jochen Gleditsch, D.D.S., etc.

Adano explained that 3 score and 10 refers to “the switchover time to the noneating state,” not to death …

“70 revolutions around the Sun is the switchover time to the noneating state. At 3 score and 10, you quit eating with your mouth and start living with your nose. Elderly people don’t eat much, but they’re going there by illness, not by commitment.”

According to Adano …

(1) We process CHEMICALS by the MOUTH for the first 3 score and 10 – 70 revolutions around the Sun.

“Nutrition is the last frontier. It was originally the first frontier. You can gain conscious control of your existence through nutrition.”

(2) We process ODORINES through the NOSE for the second 3 score and 10 – 140 revolutions around the Sun.

“A survivalist smells the air.”

(3) We process LIGHT through the EYES for the third 3 score and 10 – 210 revolutions around the Sun.

“Matter is congealed light.”

[Biologists now know photosynthesis is a quantum phenomenon.]

(4) We process SONICS through the EARS for the fourth 3 score and 10 – 280 revolutions around the Sun.

“The baby’s soft spot regulates sonic and audition. The mechanism is sustained by sonic resonances. Eat to live and not to eat.”

(5) We process TOUCH through the SKIN for the fith 3 score and 10 – 350 revolutions around the Sun.

“Close your eyes and let your skin breathe. ‘I need air to breathe’ is erroneous. God exists as atomic physics.”

[Morpheus asked Neo in The Matrix, “You think that’s air you’re breathing in?”]

Jim Siebert introduced Yehosha to Adano at a Chinese restaurant in Carpinteria, California.

As usual, Adano answered our continuous barrage of questions throughout the meal.

Yehosha asked Adano how he had obtained such a broad base of knowledge.

“I died,” replied Adano.

“You mean you had a near-death experience?” persisted Yehosha.

“No,” rejoined Adano. “I mean I DIED. My answer was very specific. I fell off a roof and I died 3 times on the operating table. I saw Yogananda and all the Saints. That’s when I found out without doubt I was immortal.”




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  1. August 29, 2011 @ 3:40 pm atomb

    Re: Where does the phrase “3 score and 10” come from?

    It goes back to at least 1388, meaning a span of 70 years, exoterically translated as “the span of a man’s life.”

    The Sri Lankan Sufi mystic Bawa Muhalyaddeen taught Adano its esoteric meaning.


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