Essential oils follow the Law of Signatures, known also as “anatomical alliteration” or “body geometric resonance.”

The three Growth Zones of Solar Nutrition appear as …

(1) head notes (top notes)

(2) heart notes (middle notes)

(3) base notes (bottom notes)

Top note volatile oils tend to float up to the morning Zone One treetops, hitching a ride in the sap as if their droplets were microscopic hydrogen dirigibles, rising to be as close to the Sun as possible.

Hydrogen is especially available in the morning.

Top note essential oils tend to align and resonate with the skin, hair, nails, teeth, brain, pineal gland, mouth glands, and the adrenal medulla.

Lemon essential oil is a brain stimulant with increased effectiveness when inhaled in the morning.

Middle note essential oils are less volatile and tend to prefer the company of midday Zone Two bushes, shrubs, vines, grasses and flowers.

Middle note oils tend to align and resonate with lymph, blood, bone, muscle, connective tissue, heart and the adrenal cortex.

Sage essential oil, a muscle stimulant which can increase athletic performance, is most effective when used in the afternoon.

Bottom note essential oils are less volatile and tend to drop into evening Zone Three rhizomes, roots, briny ocean flora and fauna, and sex glands, such as the glands producing musk and civet.

Bottom note oils tend to align and resonate with respiratory and digestive organs and the epithelial cells of the digestive tract.

Bottom note oils are associated with sexual and reproductive functions.

Vetiver essential oil, from the root of a grass, is used for grounding and as a nerve relaxant.

Vetiver is most effective when used in the evening to promote a good night’s sleep.

The notes indicate how long an oil “hangs around.”

Top Note oils are used for quick communication, such as fir and pine needle oils and citrus oils.

Middle note essential oils are especially popular in the perfume industry, and are from nurturing fruits and flowers, such as rose oil, and diffuse less quickly.

Middle note oils act on the subconscious mind to inspire people to spend their money, so floral scents (unfortunately, artificial ones) are commonly released into the air in stores and shopping malls.

Bottom note oils, such as ginger essential oil, are more sticky and thick and have the longest “hang time.”

Culinary oils follow an inverse pattern to essential oils.

Culinary oils (at least in the plant world) relate to the Growth Zones like this …

(1) Omega 9 oils and saturated fats tend to associate with Growth Zone One, e.g. olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, and coconut oil.

(2) Omega 7 oils tend to associate with both Growth Zone One and Two, e.g. macadamia oil.

(3) Omega 6 oils tend to associate with Growth Zone Two.

(4) Omega 3 oils tend to associate with Growth Zone Three.

Of course, there are many exceptions to the rule, due to Nature’s ability to both “ground” and defy gravity.

Root pressure is generally highest in the morning to ensure the delivery of water and nutrients to the top of plants.

This is especially true of Growth Zone One trees.

How could chemistry construct geometry if chemistry weren’t already micro-geometry?

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gitty) said …

“Timing is something for something at the right moment. Failure is trying to push something through before its time.”


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  2. October 26, 2013 @ 10:36 pm Michael Gebhardt

    Sai Ram Atom, where do sprouts fit in? And are all legumes zone 2?

    Thanks so much!!

    P.S. How would one contact you to shoot a possible documentary video with you as one of the subject matters,?

    Michael Gebhardt


    • October 27, 2013 @ 9:52 pm atomb

      Sai Ram, Michael …

      I e-mailed you but your e-mail wouldn’t accept it.

      Sprouts are mostly time-neutral “anytime” aliments.

      Peanuts are Growth Zone 3 foods – an exception to the rule of legumes being Growth Zone 2.

      Ever New Joy,


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