Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“The chest is an upside-down buttocks. If you pinch a woman in the buttocks, she’ll slap you in the face. If you pinch her on the breast, she’ll kick you in the groin. This is the basic principle of reflexology.”

(Note: According to Randolph Stone, D.O., D.C., N.D., The Vital Polarity in the Healing Art, 1947, 1948, “The nervous system of a man resembles a tree, upside down. The brain is the root, the spinal cord is the trunk, and the rest the branches hanging down.”)

… and …

“Eat silicon for connective tissue. It’s found in fresh corn, mushroom, daikon, jicama, and pine nuts. The Indians brought strawberry corn from Atlantis – it makes a hard erection and raised titties. Blue corn has more silicon than most corn. It also has phosphorus.”

(Note: Silicon combined with boron harden bone, producing a chemical compound similar to shatterproof glass. Arteriosclerotic arteries contain as much as 14 times LESS silicon than normal arteries. This relates to the Pericardium Meridian also being called the Circulation-Sex Meridian.)

…and …

“The scapula is a reflex to the diaphragm. A woman should have this area released, especially after driving a car for a long distance. A woman is more prone to cancer in this area through the weight of the breasts.”

(Note: Important neurolymphatic reflexes for the Circulation-Sex Meridian are located around the scapula. The scapula’s INFERIOR ANGLE reflexes to the nipple and its MEDIAL MARGIN reflexes to Cooper’s suspensory ligaments.)

… and …

“A gravity bed takes weight off the prostate. Don’t use gravity boots because the ankles are bound. Do upside-down therapy for ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening. Therapy is done every other day; exercise every day. A gravity bed redistributes organ weights. We are upside-down in our mother’s womb for the last two months. The first seven months we are upright.”

(Note: The prostate gland is the male G-spot. Gravity squashes it. Doing Kegel exercises lying down is optimum because your muscles aren’t fighting against gravity.)

… and …

“To be a single cell in the womb, the mother had to crave it so. This is the ion that determines the direction it will go through its own perpetual motion. Volition stands for ‘voting ion.’ This is when the sperm meets the ovum. It is evolutionary volition – obedience to the rules is primary.”

(Note: This relates to my previous blog, “Silver Cord & Carbon Copies.” On the subject of volition, in the 1970s I was in a five-year relationship with a Tantric Yogini with enough will power to have complete control over her fertility … and other things. I once saw her smash a light bulb by squeezing and grinding it into her bare hands without a single scratch from its many splinters and shards. She was my Upa-Guru before I met my Guru.)

… and …

“During the time of Moses, man was deeply involved in the practice of kundalini. They lifted the golden snake to the forehead instead of leaving it at the genitals where it belonged.”

(Note: Phallic and cephalic are separate domains. My friend Greg Whiteley noted, “The awakening of kundalini is psychological plastic surgery. It’s the same as getting breast implants.”)




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  1. December 8, 2011 @ 1:02 pm atomb

    Re: Do you have any ideas regarding a commune?

    I’d like to be part of a “community” somewhere in Southern California.

    There are parts of So-Cal fairly untouched by “Californication” and “mall-itis.”

    Ojai or Lompoc come to mind.

    (There’s a 9 1/2-mile bike trail all the way from downtown Ventura to Ojai.)

    I’d like to start a school of Time Conscious Living.

    Ever New Models,


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