Something Fishy In Biochemistry


By Atom Bergstrom

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I’m not against fish.

I’m down on omega-3 fatty acids and other harmful desaturation products of metabolism.

Selling omega-3 supplements is like selling cortisol supplements.

Or lactic acid supplements.

Or histamine supplements.

Or prostaglandin supplements.

Or kinin supplements.

Or leukotriene supplements.

Or cadaverine supplements.

Or putrescine supplements.

These chemicals are beneficial during times of emergency, but is it my highest choice to supplement with them?

Who decided that essential fatty acids are essential?

That would be George and Mildred Burr in 1929.

The two papers they submitted in 1929 and 1930 marked “the beginning of a modern paradigm in nutritional biochemistry.”

Scientists ran with the idea, and never looked back to verify it.

Ray Peat (“Unsaturated fatty acids: Nutritionally essential, or toxic?,” 2006-2016) wrote …

“The amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids often said to be essential (Holman, 1981) is approximately the amount required to significantly increase the incidence of cancer, and very careful food selection is needed for a diet that provides a lower amount.”

Nope. I’m not against fish.

I’m down on omega-3 fatty acids from any source — marine algae, land plants, or fatty fish.

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  1. March 8, 2016 @ 2:44 pm Atom

    Yellow Fat Disease (e-book) by Atom (© 2016)

    The world’s largest producer of fish oils boasts, “Omega’3s from Menhaden Oil Can Save Billions in Healthcare Costs.”

    There’s a better way …

    Fill all the world’s industrial incinerators with all the world’s fish oil supplements, then we really can save billions in healthcare costs.

    Government guidelines advise eating fish only 2-3 times a week so we don’t get overburdened with mercury and other toxins.

    What if this warning is a sham?

    What if it’s for a more underhanded reason?

    What if it’s to keep human Yellow Fat Disease at a subclinical, “idiopathic” level so mega-corporations can keep banking billions of dollars selling us fish oil supplements and fish products that are dangerous to our health?

    What if many diseases of “unknown cause” really do have a cause — known only to certain corporate and government insiders?

    What if fish isn’t the ideal food we’re told it is?

    What if fish oil — just-made or completely rancid — is a poison for most of us?

    What if so many tumors on so many pets are caused by polyunsaturated fatty acids?

    What if so many well-meaning veterinarians are slowly killing so many pets by recommending fish oils?

    Can cod liver oil kill your dog? Your cat? Your horse? Your chickens?

    Can cod liver oil kill a human being?–e-books.php


  2. March 8, 2016 @ 2:47 pm Atom

    Polyunsaturated fatty acids evict cholesterol molecules from their homes (cells), then they get blamed for living on the street (extracellular fluids).


  3. March 8, 2016 @ 5:15 pm John

    Hi atom,
    I take BLUE ICE™ Fermented Cod Liver Oil with butter. Should i stop?


    • March 9, 2016 @ 12:09 am Atom

      Taking cod liver oil in the evening tones down its toxicity.

      Oil goes rancid, according to Dan Corrigan, a founder of Corganic. It can’t ferment.

      Weston A. Price recommended refined cod liver oil, and walked big circles around the “fermented” product.

      I’ll be posting another blog entry on the subject on One Radio Network in an hour or two.


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