The Global Elite scientists have sussed out a way to “let” us citizens “have” our firearms.

It’s “complete weapons management from the sky” – embedded RFID for handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc.

The “next generation of RFID technology” is referred to as Gen 2.

Gen 1 RFID was “developed by EPCglobal, the not-for-profit, member-driven organization tasked with designing the Electronic Product Code (EPC) Network as the global standard for asset identification.”

MIcroscale GPS locators will know the location of every weapon on the planet.

At least that’s Big Brother’s agenda.

Big Brother wants to know exactly where our weapons are at any given time, and they can be “deactivated” whenever and wherever necessary.

RFID tags will be embedded in shell casings too.

Biometric identification (fingerprints, retinal scans, etc.) will be required to use an RFID “smart gun.”

An RFID “smart gun” will only work when “authorized.”

It can be “rendered useless by law enforcement anywhere on the globe.”

Firearms will be automatically deactivated by sensors in “gun free zones.”

According to Storyleak creator Anthony Gucciardi (March 28, 2013) …

“Government consulting company Steve Lee & Associates spoke with investors on the development of smart gun and its insane Orwellian characteristics, calling the development ‘good and reliable use-limiting’ technology. In other words, the government and new smart gun companies not only decide when you’re allowed to use your firearm and require you to go through a series of biometric RFID-based scans, but they also record every single shot and send the information to the government.”

In the U.S., it’s not necessary for the Global Elite to force their microchip juggernaut on us.

Americans bend over voluntarily, even supplying Big Brother with the Vaseline.

We were trained in school that we have to raise our hand when we want to go to the toilet.

John Taylor Gatto warned …

“In the U.S., Mr. Nader was right – both political parties work for the same ends. There will be no relief from that quarter from leap-frogging political parties. Another repudiation you’re going to have to make is that you must begin to regard modern North America as neither a democracy or a republic – it is clearly an empire careening out of control bent on projecting its own domestic controls to the entire planet.”


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  1. June 1, 2013 @ 6:12 pm atomb

    Check me out at …

    Re: People have too many other guns that aren’t smart guns, nothing to worry about there.

    Atom: They plan a recall. Noncompliance will be a felony.


  2. June 4, 2013 @ 11:39 am B

    People hardly believe that they’re being tracked through their cell phones, or the plate readers on bridges and toll roads, etc even though this data is frequently acquired by agencies or used in divorce proceedings. “Here you are with a woman being going across the Oakland bridge when you texted your wife that you were at work, as photographed at the toll plaza”.

    The local news is fun to analyze. I always think it’s interesting how local stories are portrayed as completely local, with no other mention that similar programs could be happening in other areas. “Nope, never heard of it any where else as far as we know.”

    Are you familiar with the “ShotSpotter” technology? It’s ONLY for recording, identifying and triangulating gun fire ;)


    • June 4, 2013 @ 11:41 am B

      I edited my post and ended up writing “woman being”… woops!


    • June 4, 2013 @ 11:33 pm atomb

      I’m familiar with ShotSpotter now, thanks to you!

      It’s on Wikipedia. :)


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