Jekyll Island, Georgia. Jupiter Island, Florida. And now what’s happening on Kiawah Island, South Carolina?

Billionaire members of the Invisible Empire gathered on a gated island near Charleston to manipulate the Internet/TV media and sports industries.

Around twenty private jets parked at Charleston Executive Airport on Johns Island (incorrectly reported in the press as Charleston International Airport).

Compulsory vaccinations will probably be discussed.

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley vetoed a bill for vaccinating eleven-year-old girls in public schools.


According to Independent Mail dot com …

“Haley said the bill was unnecessary because its language would merely allow, not require, the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control to implement a voluntary vaccination and educational program on human papillomavirus, or HPV.

In the recent past, according to Fitsnews (Sept. 17, 2011) …

“S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley cosponsored legislation as a State Representative that would have required every eleven-year-old enrolled in a public or private school in the Palmetto State to receive a controversial vaccination against human papillomavirus (HPV).”

… and …

“Unlike a controversial executive order signed by Gov. Rick Perry, though, the mandate, sponsored by Haley did not include a parental ‘opt out’ provision. Not only that, the former state legislator refused to take her name off the controversial bill even after nearly 20 of her colleagues Republicans and Democrats) pulled their support for the legislation in light of its failure to include the ‘opt out’ language.”

Gov. Haley is luring transnational corporations into he state by championing the complete elimination of state corporate income taxes.

One of the global bad-asses who accepted her invitation was the notorious SKF, a ball bearing company founded in 1907 and spanning seventy countries.

Hitler couldn’t have lifted his airplanes off the ground or rolled his tanks down the road without using SKF’s ball bearings, many of them manufactured in Philadelphia as late as 1942.

According to Explaining Evil, Volume 1: Definitions and Development (edited by J. Harold Ellens, 2011) …

“[Sosthenes] Behn’s company kept the Luftwaffe air force in the air by supplying them with crucial ball bearings. ITT financed the Focke-Wulf bombers with help from the Swedish Enskilda Bank in which Behn was heavily invested. With his assistance, Germany was able to keep bombing London and American Allies during the war. SKF traded with both American and German war machines with no interference from either government. Dozens of American companies simply ignored the caveat against trading with the enemy (Higham, 1983).”

SKF sponsors Penske Racing in NASCAR.

See below for more on Roger S. Penske.

The insider billionaires gathering on Kiawah Island will likely precipitate a wedding between the Internet and TV cartels to gain control of cyberspace and censor independent bloggers and activists.

The Elite Power Brokers assembling at The Sanctuary (1 Towncenter, Kiawah Island, SC 29455) include …

Bill Gates (alleged #2 richest person in the world)

Warren Buffet (alleged #4 richest person in the world)

Michael Bloomberg (alleged #7 richest person in the world)

Oprah Winfrey (alleged #61 richest person in the world)

Daniel Gilbert (alleged #384 richest person in the world)

Jeb Bush (possible 2016 U.S. Presidential candidate)

Especially keep an eye on Daniel “Dan” Gilbert as being a key communications/sports magnate and his business dealings with billionaires …

Peter Karmanos (CEO of CompuWare and owner of the Carolina Hurricanes, Plymouth Whalers, and Florida Everblades),

Roger S. Penske (chairman of Penske Corporation and owner of Penske Racing).

Daniel Gilbert is the chairman and founder of Quicken Loans, and the majority owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Lake Erie Monsters, Cleveland Gladiators, and Canton Charge.

Give the middle class Bread and Circuses to dumb them down so the One-Tenth of One Percent can continue PEOPLE FARMING.

The Global Elite distract us with Bread & Circuses — the opium of the masses.

Sports are a major distraction in the agenda to turn us into a planet of voyeurs.

The screen (TV, computer, movie) is an extension of a school’s blackboard or whiteboard.

Our educational system was contrived in Prussia and adopted by the Global Elite to transform the Great Unwashed into voyeuristic robots.

Bread and Circuses are a smokescreen to keep us from noticing …

(1) the conspiracy hidden in plain sight and

(2) the invisible cages that imprison us.

Earth’s resources as a secondary goal for the Global Elite.

In the words of Steven Molyneau (The Story of Your Enslavement) …

“The greatest resource for any human being to control is not natural resources or tools or animals or land, but other human beings.”

The Global Elite teach students useless subjects like algebra and trigonometry while covertly scheming for 99 percent of their human sheep to work at the following jobs (listed in order of importance by unschooling guru John Taylor Gatto) …

(1) retail clerk

(2) nurse

(3) cashier

(4) general office clerk

(5) truck driver

(6) manager

(7) janitor, cleaner, domestic servant

(8) nurse’s aid, orderly, general attendant

(9) food counter and related workers (not chefs)

(10) wait person (waiter/waitress)

Have you read Professor Carroll Quigley’s hard-to-obtain 1966 book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time?

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) said …

“God don’t work for nobody, and neither should you.”


'Why Are These Billionaires Meeting On Kiawah Island?' have 4 comments

  1. May 18, 2013 @ 4:49 am atomb

    Remember what John Taylor Gatto observed …

    (1) Bill Gates ($67 billion net worth) and the Sultan of Brunei ($20 billion net worth) have no real power.

    (2) MIT graduates always end up under the thumb of Yale.


  2. May 18, 2013 @ 5:37 am atomb

    Ivan Illich (Deschooling Society, 1971) wrote …

    “Highways result from a perversion of the desire and need for mobility into the demand for a private car. Schools themselves pervert the natural inclination to grow and learn into the demand for instruction. Demand for manufactured maturity is a far greater abnegation of self-initiated activity than the demand for manufactured goods. Schools are not only to the right of highways and cars; they belong near the extreme of the institutional spectrum occupied by total asylums. Even the producers of body counts kill only bodies. By making men abdicate the responsibility for their own growth, school leads many to a kind of spiritual suicide.”


  3. May 19, 2013 @ 11:07 pm jwong

    Thank you for your brilliant and insightful post.

    You write: “The Global Elite teach students useless subjects like algebra and trigonometry.”

    In your opinion, what are some useful and important subjects young people should learn while in school (or outside of school) instead of these useless subjects?



    • May 20, 2013 @ 1:31 am atomb

      The most important thing for a person free of covert bondage to learn is the difference between how a member of the upper ruling class is educated in ultra-elite schools compared to how everyone else is “schooled” and manipulated to fail … slowly fail, copying the agenda of a parasite.

      The No. 1 educational principle – out of more than a dozen – for a ruling class student (in the words of John Taylor Gatto) is …

      “…no kid could graduate without a theory of human nature, what makes people tick, what buttons do you press to get the results from your fellow man and woman that you want…”

      I’m not advising learning these principles to manipulate people – I’m advising learning them for protection against the “governing elite,” who are trained in the sciences of manipulation.

      The “governing elite” are the agents of the “global elite,” who are the real power behind the scenes of world sociology and politics.

      George Washington’s political career was largely based on his horsemanship and his ability to ballroom dance.

      Members of the elite will (almost) always know why.

      I’ll expand on the comparison between ultra-elite education and compulsory schooling in future blog entries.

      I’ll be naming names and kicking asses.

      Benjamin Samuel Bloom (1913-1999) already kicked the bucket, so I can’t kick his butt.

      Hermann Joseph Muller (1890-1967) already kicked the bucket, so I can’t kick his butt either. ;)


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