Yin & Yang Of Taking Sides



By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“The left side is the descending side of the body, and the right side is the ascending.”

“The left side is the constricting side of the body, and the right is the dilating side.”

“The left side of the body is consciousness. The right side is beingness.”

“Carbon dioxide sedates and oxygen stimulates. To sedate the whole body using carbon dioxide only, go up the right side with life-flow for five or six minutes. To stimulate the whole body using oxygen only, work down the left side with life-flow for five or six minutes. For homeostasis, work both halves of the body with life-flow.”

“To sedate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side down. To stimulate the whole body with magnetic flow, do the left side up.”

“The right side is the absorbing side of the body, and the left is the eliminating side.”

“The left side of the body indicates the emotions and past lives. The right side is the will and the present life.”

“The body is divided into four quadrants – left, right, and posterior, anterior. The right front is female, and the left front, male. The right rear is male, and the left rear, female.”

“Holistic therapy’s three flows are up-flow, down-flow, and cross-flow.”

“A heart attack at Gall Bladder Time is from excess oxygen. Stimulate the reflex to the pulmonary artery on the left side of the chest. A heart attack at Heart Time is from excess carbon dioxide. Stimulate the pulmonary vein in the middle of the chest.”

“Fried foods block the ascending colon, and cookies, doughnuts, and pizzas block the descending colon.”

“Most fecal impactions occur in the descending colon. Use sonics to break them up – percuss both sides of the body in the colon region.”

“Kick power is on the left side. Go power from the spleen is on the descending side of the body.”

“Rocking side to side in the fetal position at Lung Time adjusts the fourth and fifth lumbars.”

“Now you know why God made you without any seams – so you can’t take sides. The exception to the rule is a man’s testicles.”

“Information is stored at the sides of the head and played back on top.”

“The right side of the brain is humanistic, and the left side of the brain is nonhumanistic.”

“Your right brain is your friend. Your left brain is your enemy. Without your nose, there’s no partnership between the right and left brain.”

“The pituitary is the resonance between the two sides of the brain, so meditation is mediation — bio-optic-sonic focusing.”

“Yoga is intrinsic unity.”

“Health is the adherence to balance or homeostasis. Too much is an imbalance. Too little is an imbalance. The Saint and sinner have the same disease. They play the game between the right and left brain – muck up and clean up.”

“God is his own Devil. Does God occupy every unit of space? Did God exist first? That’s why we have no devils. The Devil spelled the Chinese way is ‘lived.’ Pick the side of the brain you want to live on.”

“Delta suspends time. My watch doesn’t work on the left side.” (Adano wore two wristwatches.)

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  1. November 4, 2017 @ 8:43 pm Atom

    DHA? Isn’t that the stuff that builds the brain?

    It SWELLS the brain.

    Divide one disease — Yellow Fat Disease — into many names and it’s hard to get a handle on it.

    It’s common among all mammals and many other life forms as well.

    A few of Yellow Fat Disease names (in alphabetical order) are …

    age 50 effect / black kidney / blue kidney / bovine renal lipofuscinosis (BRL) / brown atrophy of neuronia / brown atrophy of the heart / brown atrophy of the liver / brown fat disease / brown heart disease / cardiac necrosis / cumulative lipofuscinosis / embryonic death syndrome (from mom’s use of omega 3s) / fatty necrosis / granulomatous steatitis / hepatic dietetica / hepatic steatosis / lipofuscinosis / necrotizing granulomatous steatitis / nonalcoholic fatty liver disease / non-suppurative pansteatitis / nutritional fat necrosis / nutritional muscular dystrophy / nutritional myodegeneration (NMD) / nutritional myopathy / osteohaematochromatosis / pansteatitis / pansteatosis / pigmentary atrophy of the heart / progressive lipofuscinosis / shrunken heart disease / steatitis / steatosis / stiff calf disease / stiff lamb disease / watery hide disease / waxy liver disease / waxy yellow fat disease / white fat disease / white muscle disease / xanthomatosis / xanthosis / yellow fat disease

    There are so-called genetic forms of Yellow Fat Disease, but, remember, you can’t take a bath in a blueprint tub.

    Some of these (in alphabetical order) include …

    adult NCL / amaurotic familial idiocy (of of the two types) / Batten disease / Finnish variant of late infantile NCL (fLINCL) / infantile NCL (INCL) / infantil osteopetrosis / juvenile NCL (JNCL) / late infantile NCL (CLN2 type), late infantile NCL (CLN10 or CTSD types) / neuronal ceroid-lipofuscinosis (NCL) / northern epilepsy / Turkish variant of late infantile NCL / variant of the late infantile NCL



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