Re: For 7 days I stopped taking zinc + MSM + vitamin C, and I got flu.

Yes, detoxing from commercial vitamins is a mini-version of detoxing from heroin or any legal pharmaceutical.

It’s best to do it gradually, something not valid for heroin.

The dangers of commercial vitamin withdrawal are addressed in the 1982 book, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach, by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw.

Re: Zinc for immunity and skin healing.

Too little zinc can cause immunity and macromolecular protein problems.

So can excess zinc.

Emily Sohn (“Zinc may ward off viruses but there are dangers: Lozenges, supplements, and nasal sprays that contain the mineral should be taken in small doses, researchers say. Too much can cause a myriad of health problems,” Los Angeles Times, Dec. 21, 2009) wrote …

“Studies show that consuming at least 50 milligrams a day for a few months could lead to copper deficiency, which can cause anemia, bone loss, nerve damage and other problems. Taking in 80 or 100 milligrams or more for months or even years can cause bigger problems, some irreversible. A typical, over-the-counter zinc supplement contains 50 milligrams. There are 13 milligrams in one popular brand of zinc lozenges.”

A zinc-enhanced diet facilitates the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

So do most metals when they enter the brain.

Brain degradation is not just about aluminum.

There’s a reason macrominerals and trace minerals sink to the BOTTOM (Zone Three of Solar Nutrition) of a pot when you’re cooking your lunch or dinner.

Note for folks concerned about GMOs …

The USGS (United States Geographical Survey), an agency of the U.S. government, reported (in 2009) that zinc-enhanced cognitive impairment is greater in transgenic mice than in wild ones.

Zinc is essential for all plants, so it’s easy to get it if you eat healthful food and avoid manufactured foods – almost anything sold in a supermarket.

Re: MSM (organic sulfur) for skin healing.

A sulfur deficiency in a First World country is as rare as a three-legged duck.

Most methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) – not all – is a waste product of the wood pulp and paper industry.

Re: Vitamin C for immunity and because MSM “eats” all vitamin C in the body.

Yes, sulfur and MSM do “eat” vitamin C.

That’s a good reason to walk big circles around MSM.

Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) called sulfur one of the “three most dangerous minerals.”

Vitamin C – like zinc – is easy to get it if you eat healthful food and avoid manufactured foods.

More specifically …

(1) Follow the three Growth Zones of Solar Nutrition.

(2) Eat 80-percent raw and 20-percent cooked foods.

(3) Eat organic foods.

By the way, here’s a primer on the evolution of GMO foods …

(1) In the 1880s, scientists exposed 10,000 or so plants to DDT and other “natural” plant hormones.

Then they chose the “pick of the litter” from the mutated plants.

(2) In the 1930s and 1940s, scientists exposed 10,000 or so plants to atomic radiation.

Then they chose the “pick of the litter” from the mutated plants.

(3) In the 1990s and forward, scientists “shot” 10,000 or so plants.with a “gene gun.”

Then they chose the “pick of the litter” from the mutated plants.

Big difference, eh?


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