I have been on the Menocycline for only a week now, 25 mg. every other day.  Not much in the way of healing response as yet.  I did go through a pretty interesting phase last week of ankles itching like crazy.  Years ago when I experienced the same, a homeopath suggested it was a genetic pool of bacteria passed down from many generations.  These are sometimes called "Sins of Thy Fathers."  These infections, bacterial and viral are also called Myasims.  that is not the correct spelling, and I could not find the correct spelling.  Maybe one of you who know will let us know on the comment section of this blog.

I have days of some lethargy, but I also just finished a week of a beet asparagus protocol for cleansing kidney and liver and I think that is involved.

My vision is to not do much other than this, but for a scientist as myself, it is difficult.  I think the cleansing things are viable to perhaps lessen any really weird healing stuff.

I will state for the record, such that it is, the challenges I have in my body so that when they disappear it will be more meaningful for others to follow.

Ringing in the ears.  It is not constant, not loud, really only discernible in the quiet of the night in the Country where I live.  In my opinion is a sign of infection in the inner ear.

Interrupted sleep, waking often during the night.

Mouth sores and sore tongue.  Although they have drastically fallen off in frequency over the years, they still pop up from time to time.

Blurry vision.

Stomach, digestion that is quite delicate and takes constant attention to work as advertised.

The lack of energy is so related to not sleeping consistently and continuously through the night.  I theorize as that straightens out, the energy thing will be solved.

and I present high TSH levels the last blood test that presents as low thyroid.  I do not have real symptoms of such except for some numbing in fingers and toes when cold.  So, I suspect it is infection in regions in thyroid and/or pituitary, hypothalamus triad…as they are all interconnected.

So, I’m jazzed at believe some day soon…all these challenges will be thing of the past.

Oh, also I have had some gray hair  since I was forty, (now 63), and that is not normal and I suspect related to bacterial load as well.


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